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One of my good friends have moved in as a roommate. I have known her for many years and don't have a lease signed with her but she pays me rent on time. I was wondering as to is having a lease very necessary? I am not super concerned about her not paying rent since if she is in financial difficulty I would like to help her out. However, in case I do have to ask her to leave do I have any disadvantage in case I don't have a lease? I assume normal tenant's right of having a 60 day notice will be needed and I have no issue with that. Also will this be a problem with my home insurance in anyway like if she burns down the house will this be a problem with insurance. Or if she falls down a flight of stairs can her insurance sue me etc.?

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It is always better to have something in writing. The list of all the things that could go wrong is endless, so it is best to set up something in writing. Have established rules (both in a lease and as a basic 'roommate agreement') and things will go much more smoothly.

If she is not on your lease (assuming you are renting), is she even allowed to be there? 

The notice may not be 60 days, it depends on the state. 

That is up to your home insurance.
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