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Im not quite sure how to do this. but i just got a new landlord. she came on sunday aug. 5th 2012 to do an inspection. i was visibly working on cleaning the apartment. She did not like what it looked like. I was supposed to leave today aug 6th 2012 to go spend the week with my mother due to next monday being my brothers one year death anavirsery. she told me that i had to have it 100% done by aug. 7th 2012 or i was evicted. Also we signed the lease at this time. on the lease my prior name was written and crossed out, someone else's name that i do not know crossed out, and my prior name rewritten (which she crossed out the last name and wrote my new name). I did not see this untill she had flipped back to the front page. she would not go over it with me or allow me to take it unless i was signing it. it was either sign or get kicked out. we have ALOT of problems with this apartment. she informed us that she would not fix anything untill rent was paid. (she claims it was due on the 1st, when prior landlord had us pay on the 15th and the new lease was signed on the 5th) the people downstairs (prior landlord, new landlord, exterminator, and alot of others agree) are causing a bad roach problem. we are on the verge of eviction because we have them BAD. there is only one air conditioner in this two bedroom one bathroom apartment, it only cools the front room, we have a three year old son that sleeps in the back bedroom (well is supposed to) we all sleep in the living room becasue any room past that is WAY to hot. she will not do anything about this either. We can not use our freezer due to mold that grows in there even after bleaching, she wont fix this. what can i do? please help!!! she comes back tomorrow to tell us if we are evicted.

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Duplicate post.  Please see other post for responses.
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