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Hi guys, so I have some money saved for a down payment on a fourplex, and I contacted a realtor which at first seemed cool. We met with a lender bd discussed what I was looking for. but the places he showed me either were run down pretty bad or seemed to be out of my budget according the the lender. So the realtor called me 3 way with another lender because apparently the first wasn't working out. Right off the bat the lender tells me I need to find a place less then 400k. (Not much to work with in LA) without even seeing my credit report, or any other documents for that matter. After the call I don't hear from my realtor for almost 2months so I decide to give him a call and ask a few questions on how we can get this going. Basically I got really discouraged by the end of the call. He was basically telling me there was nothing for me. Our contract is up on the 1st and I'm thinking of going with a different realtor. Any advice from experienced fourplex/multi family property owners on what I should do and look out for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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