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Hello, if you had to choose between two groups of 4 roommates that would be renting your house, which would you choose?

1) Four recent college grad women with limited work history, good entry level salaries, no post college "real world" work experience, not great credit because they don't have the track record, no criminal record.
2) Four slightly older guys (late 20s) with post-college rental history (good), higher paying jobs, excellent credit, but criminal records from a few years ago (nothing recent) with a mix of public intoxication, reckless driving, DWI, petty theft.

I'm assuming both will be throwing house parties. All are nice and courteous in person.

Any past experience that would make you tend towards choosing one over the other?


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People do not have great credit, because they do not pay their bills.  Not because they do not have a track record.  Do not assume both will throw house parties, responsible adults do not do that.

Accept or decline the first applicants.  Then move to the second group.  There is really not enough information here to decide.  Post all credit score and all incomes.


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