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Where or how do I get a background check on a future tenant?


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I don't know what state or city you live in, but in columbus, ohio, you can get police report for a nickle a page dowtown. And eviction recored/ court cases filed you can go to clerk of courts web site and find the filed evictions against a tenant.. No it's not full proof nor does it cover the dead beats that just got sent to collection agencies, but it's a free start, one greedy people wouldn't tell you.


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the clerks office is great and they dont charge.

j pope

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In California I use a wonderful service called "Prospective Renters Verification Service" or PVRS. They charge a one time sign up fee, and a nominal fee for rental check, credit check and/or criminal background check. They have offices all over California and may have offices in other states. Their toll free number is 888-907-7787. Give them a call, they saved my sanity and whatever you pay, you can charge to the prospective tenant as a credit check fee. In California, the max fee is $37 or so, but you can only charge what you actually pay.


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Background checks I can pull off the city & county (municipal & criminal courts) web sites for free, or go downtown and fill out the forms (still free - just a pain to travel all the way downtown).  Credit reports, evictions, etc. I pull off a service on the web with a credit card (  Takes about 5 minutes to get & print the report.


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If you are from India, Don't hesitate to take the tenant screening services of helloverify. It is the best background verification service provider in India. It gives you the professional as well as the personal background verification services at minimal cost with quality results.
Hello Verify an online screening system that does a thorough employee background screening. Their team does a comprehensive research from verified sources. They check the credentials of the individual by cross referring to the police verification India documents. They then give you credible information based on which you can then make an informed decision.

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Stop spamming.
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