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  Had land contract with mrs. and mr. s. they vacated when they recieved the land contract forfeiture notice. however as they moved themselves out their two kids mr.b (22) and mr.s (23) moved in.
  I gave mr.b and mr.s a notice to quit.
  They have not been in the house for 2 weeks, the electricity is off, the windows have all been left wide open, the door no longer has a handle so it swings open freely. There is nothing in the house but literal trash. However there is a car in the driveway that has been there for six months.
  Last week I went and shut the windows and put a lock on the door. All was well for four days then mr.b and mr.s came back claiming to still live there. The police were called and I was told they still have possession, and to leave. The next day all the windows are opened back up my new door knob and locks are completely removed and the door is left wide open again.
  Mr.b and Mr.s have not been there anytime I have gone there, and I have been going there six to seven times a day and four times throughout the night and early morning hours. 
  WHAT DO I DO?  The door is wide open for anything or anyone to wander on in.  No one is there but that car. No one is living there. They are just claiming to be so they can destroy my house more.

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Even with the forfeiture notice you still need to go to court to get a judgement, then evict them.  Document what you can, take pictures then you can sue them later for any damages and lost income.  If you already have this then show it to the police and have the kids removed.

If you want to play nasty, move them out.  Have the car towed, get a dumpster and clean the place out.  Then change the locks.
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