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Our tenants gave a great first impression with application. Obvious she’s a little slow but no harm there, we THOUGHT. 2 weeks in her crazy shows. The house is in PA, we’re in MI. (I could write a novel with the amount of crazy stuff that’s already happened, trying to keep it whittled down to the current issue at hand) She knocks on ALL the neighbors’ doors asking for money, claiming her wallet was stolen/the kids are sick/she needs milk money. 3 different neighbors contacting me complaining they are creeped out and $40 in the hole, and she keeps coming. How many more is this happening to I’m not aware of? What can I do legally to prevent her from attempting more? I had to lay on the husband hard to get the neighbor I knew of paid back. Wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that she was hiding this from him, but now it’s confirmed he’s either in on it or doesn’t want to deal with it and ignores it. We are not renewing their lease in September, and I am genuinely concerned SHE IS CRAZY enough to do something criminal to the house and/or the neighbors. Do I alert the police? Do I send a warning to the whole street if she should approach them? I feel like that could backfire. HELP!

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It may be best to consult an attorney. You may have grounds to end early. The next step may be to send her a letter asking her not to solicit the neighbors. Send a letter to all the neighbors letting them know she's been told not to and if she does it again to tell her they will contact you and/or the police and ask them to do so. Notify the police and casually ask what they can do, or what would need to happen for you or your tenants should contact them. 

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Personally, I wouldn't call the police unless you suspect she is in fact, doing something illegal.  Is soliciting a misdemeanor in that county?  It may not be worth getting the police involved unless you suspect something more serious.  That will escalate things very quickly.

Does your lease contain a clause about not disturbing neighbors or something like it?  If so, you can serve a 15-day notice to quit.  You may need to serve a Notice To Cease before though.  Check the local laws to be sure.

  • Fifteen-Day Notice to Quit: A tenant can also be evicted for violating terms of the lease or rental agreement. If the tenant has a lease or rental agreement that is for one year or less, then the landlord must give the tenant a 15-day notice to quit. This notice informs the tenant that the tenant has 15 days to move out of the rental unit because the tenant violated the lease or rental agreement. If the tenant does not move out within 15 days, then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit with the court (see  68 Pa. Cons. Stat. Ann. § §250.501(b)).

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