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Let's get a thread going to discuss the most helpful websites for beginners.

Here's one that I use on a regular basis:

It's great for estimating cash flow on your properties.

What are some of your favorites?

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It's  early in the month .The applicant wants the house .  His proposal is to give you the deposit and start paying rent when he moves in. He's really asking for a gift of several weeks free rent .What do you do?

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My policy is to start the rent when the unit is taken off the market.Renters don't work for nothing and neither do I.

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I like using the following tools:
  1. Gmail to set up a property-specific email address, which forwards to my personal email
  2. Google voice to set up a phone number, which forwards to my cell phone
  3. Hemlane property management for rent collection, expense tracking, background checks, applications, marketing -- they make it super easy


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I found that setting the rent price at first was difficult, even with advice from a local realtor. To start doing my research, I used the rent analyzer at It's pretty accurate and gives you a good idea of the income requirements for a tenant to pay the rent you want. Ike

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Hi all,

I've been a landlord for about 4 years now. This summer I will be a tenant in another province while keeping my property at home. I've been frustrated with aspects of both the renting and leasing process and would like to create a product to change that.

My co-founder and I are looking to create a website that improves on the existing home rental sites that are out there...we want to make something more usable and easy to navigate for both landlords and tenants.

We are currently gathering info from a google survey that we made. If you would take the time to fill it out it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get your perspective on what you think would be a useful product for you.

The survey is very short (12 questions). Here is the link:

For Tenants - 

For Landlords -

Thanks so much!


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For new landlords, check out TurboTenant!

TurboTenant is 100% free to landlords, and it takes the headache away of finding new tenants. Turbotenant has three main features worth explaining. 

1. Marketing Syndication-Landlords can post their property and TurboTenant will syndicate the listing to over 30 different listing sites. It generates leads quickly and conveniently.   

2. Online applications-professional applications that the landlord is able to customize. Tenants can apply directly from TurboTenant's website and landlords are immediately notified when their property receives an application. 

3. Screening Reports- Also FREE for the landlord! The applicant will pay their "application fee" $35 or $35 (Landlord's choice) and the landlord will obtain a credit and background check on the applicant. (an eviction report included in the $45 screening report).

This takes away the worry of leasing to a nightmare tenant, creates leads, and makes everything about land-lording convenient on an online platform. 

Jenifer Kynor


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Jenifer Kynor has provided really good info.
Hunter Rentals & Property Management

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