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I've recently decided to rent my second home out .I have been lurking on this site for so time. I have come away with some very good tips.  I'd like to thank all the poster first. Now to my problem I listed my home on Craigs list which is an excellent site But I've been receiving International people looking to rent. Is it tougher to do background checks on people from other country's? Will I get stuck with no recourse if they bolt. They seem to be offering me more than I'm asking. i.e. (extra rent in advance) Should I just pass on these people or am I being overly concerned?    

                                                                Thanks in advance
                                                                 Newbe   Landlord  

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I would steer clear of any out of country replies on Craigslist for ANYTHING.  Craigslist is designed for community, area services and I've only seen SPAMMERS or people with other intentions who respond from out of country.


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 Thanks for your response. I guess the old saying still holds true If It's to good to be true RUN!!!!!!!!!! This Guy is very persistent. Maybe I'll just let it go.

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Sometimes you do get legit people from Craig's list wanting to rent, othertimes they are scammers from overseas.  If this guy is from overseas look for:
-Being transferred in to work with a local company.  This does happen sometimes and you would be able to verify that this was a real applicant by contacting his employer.
-A SSN or a green card.  If they work for a U.S. company, usually they will be given a social so they can pay taxes.  If the company is foreign, he should have a green card permitting him to work in the U.S.
-Wanting to sign without coming to see the unit in person.  Most companies will house the worker in a hotel until they can find housing.  They have time to view places while living there. If they cannot, sometimes a company rep will view the unit and email pics to him.  But I have never had someone sign for a unit sight unseen.
-Asking for your personal bank info.  (definite scammer)
-Says company will send you M.O. from overseas.  It will be no good, for an amount too high, and he will want you to refund the rest back.  Scam!!!
-What country he is from.  You can get reports for some European countries.

Be wary when dealing with applicants from this site. Some are legit and those usually are computer savy people who do all of their work on the internet.  (pay their bills, shop, etc.)  But a lot are from Nigeria or other African countries just sitting in internet cafes trolling for unsuspecting landlords.
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