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I'm a fairly new landperson and my tenant has recently been hospitalized with a heart condition.

The rent is over two weeks late , which has been deposited into my bank account each month by the tenant in person.  I live over 1000 mi. away from the property, what's the best way to handle this?

The lease can be re written in two months, what's a better way for the rent to be paid?  by US mail over such a distance?  (or still having the tenant deposit the rent in person...)..??

Thanks !!

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DO you have the rent for this month or not?  As long as the tenant has been a decent tenant, write an adendum to the lease with terms leting the person mail in the rent, it would probably be easier for the tenant and as long as they do such on a set day all is good. I would advise maybe even sending a payment envelope on say the 15th of every month that way they should get it and be able to put payment into it easily and also be reminded by it to send out the rent check.. Sounds like a bit of hassle true, but could pay off with a greatfull tenant for years to ocme.


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Just a short note might want to tell the tenant to send a check through the mail rather than a money order. Why? Because  on the very rare occasions mail is lost, a check is a lot easier to cancel than a money order and the money in the money order would be held up for up to a month and could cause financial hardship(aka late rent!). If the tenant doesn't have a checking account then that's a moot idea, but there might be other ideas I don't know about.. Just trying to help.


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If he has been a good tenant for a period of years he may be worrying himself over the unpaid rent.  Can the tenant receive calls in the hospital?  I would just call him and reassure him that you are not evicting him.  Let him know that you understand he can't get to a bank right now.  Tell him that he can mail you the rent check from now on.  (Perhaps someone in his family could mail it for him until he is released?)  Let him know you wish him well and a speedy recovery.   Let's hope that is all it takes for him to send the rent to you. 

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