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We have just been taking the information provided on the application as factual, what do you all do? We ask for name, address, birth date, SSN, etc. on the application which gives us everything we need to run credit and background checks, but we don't actually look at any form of identification such as a driver's license. For all we know John Smith is really Robert Johnson, or John Smith's brother. Do you actually check their driver's license, make a copy of it, make copies of the license of everyone listed on the lease, or what?

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My bank requires a DL and a W9 to open their security deposit account in NJ so I always have a copy of those.  My agent also started using something called NTN Decision Point which verifies the SS# matches their credit report.

I'm sure there are other similar services but the applicant pays for this one so it works for me!

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You definitely have every right to ask for a form of government ID with a picture. I always photocopy their license or have the friend who is showing it do it when I am out of state.. in the spirit of quid pro quo- when I am in state I give them a copy of mine so they can see that I am not some fraud pretending I own the house since & encourage them to check the registry of deeds since for first last and security it need to clear immediately to rent with me- I feel like they deserve to know I actually own it. When I am out of state and a friend shows it, I scan it to them. My bank inter-offices a signature card for the security deposit when I am out of state.. ALso when I am out of state I have them sign the lease in front of a notary at the bank as well as have a copy fo their ID. It is your home and to them they are relying on you to provide them a safe and clean living atmosphere it is a huge financial thing for both of you. If you are at all skiddish about asking for ID, then just reciprocate and its even you know

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I'm not giving them my ID. A company owns the properties, I work for the company. If that's not good enough for them, they can go rent somewhere else (no one has ever asked, even ones who have been scammed in the past). 

I know I have the right to, I was more curious about how thorough everyone else actually is and if there is an obligation by big brother to verify identity the way there is for employment.

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Well I was talking from a small self managed landlord's perspective and since I require cash- I just offer up my ID. I went into a few realtors' offices and asked for their applications although I was not applying for anything & they all gave them to me. 

I meshed them together & created my own- Name of applicant; phone, present address, dates of occupancy from - to
city state zip; Automobile make year/ registration; Current employer, former landlords, personal reference, bank account numbers branch of bank (crazy but its on a standard app in mass)   anyone who will be residing in residence with you, emergency contact, pets? have u ever been convicted of a felony?
In Massachusetts, if at any time you find out someone lied on their application, that is deemed a breach of the lease. SO someone says no to felony conviction & you later find out they lied, you can say get out- and they have to pay until u have a new tenant.

I def dont think its the least but weird to ask for the ID, hold it, look at them, then copy it. 

I have never thought anything of it so I guess I say it very matter of fact.. like if you want to apply here is the application and I will take a copy of your drivers license or passport (I live in a city and have had a a few tenants who use passports as their ID bc they never got their license). 

I do not know what state you are in but in Mass- the greater Boston Real Estate Board- has all the forms online. I mean it is very logical for you to want to make sure they are who they say they are so if you can ask when a photocopier is handy.. I would not say no. If someone did I would think that was very suspicious. 

No one has ever looked at me funny or blinked when I asked for it, It is part of my application process. I think if you approach it that way- everyone will just give it wo thinking twice. Only other alternative is having a document notarized that I can think of. You don't get the picture or DOB though (which can be crucial with more common names)
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