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Hi, I'm a new landlord, and just want to air/get opinions how horrified should I be at my tenants behavior? There have been several small issues, she was a friend of mine, prior to moving into my apartment. (Tip: a good way to lose a friend!) She has 3 kids under the age of 12. Even though I've asked her not to leave her lighter around when she's not home (the kids are left home alone) she refuses to put it away. I know this because we've done a lot of work in the house (with permission to enter) and it's always in plain sight/reach of the kids. The home is a duplex. We both had a couple friends over last night for a Bon fire. There's two fire pits, hers, and mine. Around 10:30/11 pm her guests left and she went to bed....leaving the fire burning, unattended outside in the yard.
We put water on it at midnight when we extinguished ours.
Opinions or comments? Thank you.

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There is no law that says she needs to put her lighter away.  Get over it.

In regards to unattended burning.  Call the cops.  It is usually against the law.

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Does she have good renters insurance to cover in case her negligence causes a fire?  If she is month to month, you can give a 30 day or 60 day notice.  Don't give specific reasons unless you are rent controlled and local law requires you to give a reason.  If asked, just say that you have other plans for the rental.  Don't specify those plans because as your friend, she is likely to see if you do them.  It never pays to rent to friends.

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I agree with jamesbrownfield,
There is no law about it.
Do as per jamesbrownfield said.

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