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So I lived in a house in Redding California. I moved in in April of 2013 with a 1050 security deposit and 875 every month. I've always pay on time never had any problems. In July I came in some hard times and had electricity shut off. So by law my kids couldn't stay there so I sent them to grandma. As I try to figure everything out. When I figured out that it was going to take longer than exspected I came to my mom's to be with children was only gone a week mind you even though electric is off I still paid rent. I go to my house on August 2 and all my things are outside broken. Missing big items total destruction of my property. So police came and said I have to take owner to civil court. He broke in then claimed he thought I abandoned the premises. My rent isn't even due til the third. Since I've been there for over a year with nothing brand new it was grooms but I made deal with landlord to fix if I got it. And I have been. What do I do from here.
is this against the law


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Can I get my security deposit back after a year with no new anything

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Check your state laws. There are laws against (what NJ calls) self-help eviction, meaning you would have to go through court proceedings for eviction. Your landlord cannot lock you out, throw your belongings to the curb, nor cut off electricity/water. I would advice to seek either legal advice or someone who knows the laws in your state with regards to your situation.
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