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We have a 1968 Elcar two-bedroom trailer that we have been renting out for 35 years. It is well built with 1/4' oak paneling and sturdy, attractive cabinetry, and it has made a nice home for people over the years.

Unfortunately we just had to evict two young renters after five months for their careless behavior. Now we are sobered to find a sticky, orange-colored residue on many surfaces. They were smokers and party folks, so the residue could come from tobacco, pot, or even meth.

Our other renter washed walls and floors for three hours, and she felt weird and jacked-up afterwards! I have spent similar time painting a bedroom, and did not notice ill effects. The place smells better, but not 100%.

We have read that residue will also be absorbed into unpainted surfaces inside cabinets and drawers, and also into the heating system.

So my questions are:

1. Is it possible to have the building tested without involving state authorities?

2. Should we proceed first with the insurance broker, our lawyer, the Haz-Mat cleaners, the County Health Department?

3. Have you other suggestions?

We may be able to clean this place and make it healthy for new renters, or we may have to send the entire structure to the great recycler in the sky.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!

Dwight Gibb
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