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I recently bought the home at auction on the courthouse steps They have junk piled up on the driveway and unauthorized cats..I am willing to let them have a reasonable amount of time to find a new home. The question :what if they wont cooperate in signing a rental agreement and paying rent?How do I evict them?On what basis? Will their rent be based on what they were paying before the sale? Im in the dark.

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Unless they come to you with a lease from the former owner (which I'm not even 100% sure would still apply), I would go straight to an attorney if they aren't completely cooperative. That's the only way to know for sure exactly how you can/should handle this.

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Yea, we need a few more details.
- Do the tenants have a lease?
- Did the previous owner transfer the lease to you?  Tenants might have already paid the rent in advance.
- Did the previous owner have and special remarks when you got the deed?

Did you have intentions of renting out the property when you bought?  Or did you plan to live in it yourself?  

If you planned to rent it out, find out if the lease terms are acceptable to you.  Or draw up a new lease and present to the tenants.  

I would still stop at the county courthouse or sheriff office to get all the steps to file an eviction until you get all the details.  Have paperwork at the ready if you have to go the eviction route.

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