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It's very nice to find this place. [smile]

I am a landlord in Ontario. One tenant owed me $7K. I won the case against him in the local Small Claims Court. After that he quitted his job and disappeared. How can I find him?



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You might try hiring a collection agency to track him down.  It's in their interest to find him for a percentage of what you recover. 

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I you don't want to spend much, start with a google search of his name, email address and phone number.  If you know the names of spouses and relative, I would search them too.

People leave a lot of digital tracks in the world.  You might find their facebook account or LinkedIn, twitter feeds of snapchats and comments on other forums.

If you can bear to spend $20, or so, you can do a search on, or get a 1 month subscription to and do searches on those services.  Those can uncover their new and past addresses, more family members and associates and detailed searches of social media.

I usually use this for tenant screening.  And if they try to hide their identity by using a new or anonymized email address or phone number, I figure they are not worth calling back to schedule a viewing.  If they look like they were born yesterday, there is something wrong.  They are hiding something.

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