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While the majority of the homes are sold with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent, there are still many homeowners who wish to sell homes on their own. The basic intention behind selling homes on their own is to save on a standard commission given to a real estate agent. There is no doubt that a competent real-estate agent can help you to grab a good deal suiting your needs and purpose. He is responsible for doing the legwork on your behalf and help you get a potential property. But if you want to check your caliber, there are many ways which you can apply to amplify your profits while investing in real estate. Here come some tips on how to sell your home on your own and derive fruitful results from it.

  • The foremost things you need to do even before starting your search with finding the potential buyers is to fix the damaged things and make improvements. You will be given only a chance to grab the attention of the buyers, and you may end up loosing those potential buyers if your home is not well maintained.

  • Fix those loose door handles, repair your leaking roof, change fused bulbs or houselights, repair blocked drains and deep clean your house. These things are important to be done beforehand, because you never know when you will get a potential buyer, who may reject your property because of above mentioned factors.

  • The next step is to let others know you have put your property for sale. Placing a “For Sale” sign would not be enough, you need to make constant extra efforts to throw your presence. You may start by placing your property for sale with local listings. Also alert the real estate agents that you are willing to sell your property.

  • Apart from local listings, also tell your friends, family members and relatives that you are putting your house on sale. You never know they might know of a person who is looking to buy a house.

  • Stage your house properly when potential buyers come to visit it. Make sure you have cleaned your house effectively and present it beautifully to grab the interest of the buyers.

  • Open up the curtains so that the sunlight can come in and buyers can have a better view of the house. Make sure all things are placed orderly and there are no extra things placed that can make your room look messy and less spacier.

  • Set a realistic price for your property as overpricing your property may lead a buyer loose interest in your property.

Following these simple tips , you can surely sell your home with a good price. Investing in real estate is not complex if you start methodological right from the beginning.








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thank you for the tips they might come in handy, my parents are actually considering to sell their house so i might follow the tips, i have some experience in negotiation and how to work out a deal 
life is too short to be angry

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I'd say the most important aspect in Selling your house is letting everyone know that there is a house for sale. Today, there are numerous mediums available apart from just the newspapers print media. One can market their property Social Networking Sites, Free Online Classifieds or the classic style of contacting an agent. 
Once you start getting inquiries, negotiation wouldn't be that necessary depending on the volume of people trying to purchase your property.

Apartments for Sale in Goa - Highland Vistas

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Valuable tips! A good property can sell itself!
Kingsbury Homes

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I agree with Highland Vistas, communicating and promoting your property in every way possible is the best way to generate inquiries for sale conversions.
Holiday Homes in Goa - Riviera Constructions

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If you want to sell your property by your own than you can consult with any real estate group because they will help you to find proper listing of your selected area without any hassle. By their help you can find various good investors for your property.
Dwell Real Estate Group

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Going by a Real Estate Agent is usually a good idea as he can tell you the ongoing rates in your property area. 

If not then basically you need to hype out the fact that you have a property for sale and let the world know through any and all mediums available to you. 

Akar Realty | Apartments in Goa | Villas in Goa

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Wel, Choosing the right property management software can seem overwhelming for many property managers. Because you don’t do it very often, you may not even really know what new features to look out for when evaluating a software solution.
Online Advertising that Get Attention

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A real estate agent can help you to set the right price and get buyers. Agents have access to the up-to-date information about recent sales of similar properties (comps) and competing properties in your neighborhood. Plus, you wont be able to advertize your home much aggressively without professional help.

Why take the chance?

Hunter Rentals & Property Management


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I was a Mortgage Lender over 25 years ago. I was even licensed as a Real Estate Agent. At that time, I handled several "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) transactions. IMHO, they all went badly. I mean 100% of them. If they closed escrow at all, the buyers and sellers hated each other. A lot of them never closed at all.

The seller thinks he is going to sell full price and keep the entire 5% to 6% commission in his pocket. The buyer thinks he should get a 10% discount for dealing with seller directly. The seller rarely gets full market price on a FSBO. Buyers are smarter than that. Sellers also think they can not disclose known defects because no one can prove they knew of the defect. Lawyers love dishonest sellers.

I have bought and sold several properties over the years. Agents were involved in every single one of them. I even use brokers too find me new tenants and sign all of the docs and collect all of the up front monies. Why do I pay these commissions? It is money well spent.

I do not even look at FSBO properties and I tell everyone I know to do the same.


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Unless you've done this several times before, get a real estate agent.  The agent not only can tell you the market rates, give you tips on what buyers are looking for in your area, and tell you how to stage your place for best impact.  But agents are instrumental in getting the sale to the closing table.  They handle all the details of going from the mortgage company (lender), seeing the house is appraised, getting clear title (title company), getting the survey, scheduling the inspections, helping with failed inspections, dealing with remedy requests from buyers, and handling any problems that arise that could stop the sale from closing.  They check the closing paperwork for errors and get them corrected before you get to the closing table.  They make sure the prorations are correct (taxes, rent, insurance, etc.)  They ensure that keys, leases, warranties, and other policies are changed from seller to buyer.

This week I've spent 2 days trying to straighten out a purchase where neither the buyer or seller of investment property had a Realtor. Even with a title company, no rents were prorated, deposits weren't transferred, keys were not present at closing, the new owner didn't receive leases, files, tenant information.  Bills on the property were not paid before closing (so the new owner could face liens if the last owner doesn't pay them).  The new owner doesn't know where access panels are to attics, crawlspaces, or utilities.  The buyer didn't even get a list of utilities at the property.  He got the deed, nothing more.  But he saved the commission fee.  Now he wished he hadn't.

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These tips by you will help a lot. You need make strong contacts and need to talk to the buyers personally because sometimes you can get into trouble or sell house on lower market rates. Therefore, take strict precautionary measures before starting with it.

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I still think that a professional real estate agent will be able to help you better.

Hunter Rentals & Property Management

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