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Hi, I'm new to the forum.

 I am the landlord for our Chicago building and reside in one of the 3 units.

 My former upstairs tenants of two years ago are using the address here as the business address for their LLC. (My lease with them prohibited using this residence as a business.) I first became aware of this "funny business" the year following their move (from Chicago to Boston). Mail from the Illinois Secretary of State began showing up for them via their personal and fictitious names.

 So I notified my former tenants. They seemed surprised and assured me that they had updated their LLC address with Illinois. -That they would check on why this is happening and advised me “not to be concerned”. Business mailings for them continue though. For a year I forwarded “important looking” mail to them in Boston until I finally just started writing “not at this address” and “return to sender”.

 Last week they received yet another notice; and lawfully or not I decided to open it. It was for payment of their LLC annual report filing fee. I noticed the LLC file number and I looked it up at the Illinois State web site. Their LLC is currently listed as the address here in Chicago, not Boston.

 Other than this "after the fact" problem, they had been ideal tenants (A married couple, a cellist and a lawyer). They lived here over three years. I am concerned though that they have been (and continue to) use our address for their business (Which is a special event string ensemble).

 Am I being played? (No pun intended). Why would they do this? Tax advantage? Plans to return to Illinois someday?

 Whatever their reasons, how worried should I be? Should I contact them again? The secretary of state? Or both? What blow-back can something like this have to the property owner? Can it affect property insurance? A refi? Property taxes? Liens? Selling?

 Thanks-R. Miller


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When someone forgets to forward their address, or just doesn't care enough to do it, why should you? Forwarding their mail for an entire year is going way out of your way for no benefit..In these cases I return to sender a few times, and if they don't get the hint, I start throwing it in the trash..IF it was something important, they shouldn't have neglected their responsibility to change their address.
Mr. Sanchez

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Thanks for your thought.

It was over the top, but I don't feel bad about that.

I'm just concerned that a business appears to be operating here, and whatever consequence that might bring.

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Take any future mail to the post office and tell them that these people have not lived there in over a year and the details. There is a card they have you sign as the landlord which notifies the USPO that you no longer allow their mail to be sent to your address. If you have their current address, they will forward it to them, and check if anything fraudulent in the postal system is being done.

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I'm sorry to be so frank. You said: "I'm just concerned that a business appears to be operating here, and whatever consequence that might bring."

Don't be silly. There is no business operating there [in your building]. The people moved and are in Boston a year ago.

You're making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Throw their mail in the trash and go for a nice walk.
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