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Dealing with a nightmare house, 10 college kids, caused me all types of trouble, especially with ridiculous unfounded claims of mold in the house to the housing department. 

They've already moved out and I've returned their security, however, according to the lease, they are required to purchase an insurance with the utilities company. They never did that, but I already had an insurance which cost $24 / month. According to the lease they signed, they are required to purchase that insurance themselves. I just forgot to remove the amount from the security deposit myself.

I called the tenant representative and asked him if he could send the $288 back and he agreed, but now that he got his security back he is refusing, and is asking for pictures of everything I took money from in the security (they did a lot of damage to the house).

Can I legally force him to return the money to me, because it is written in the lease that he must purchase it? Or is it too late? Can I go to a collections agency for this?
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