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I have a 2 unit in Los Angeles and the water bill is in the landlords name, but in the lease agreement it states that the landlord pays 1/3 of the bill and the other 2/3 is paid by the tenant's. It's in writing and the tenants agreed to this 2 years ago when the lease was signed. Now the tenants have not paid their portion of the water bill and it's due in a few days. If the tenants do not pay their portion am I obligated to pay it for them and not have the water shut off? Or can I not pay the water bill and let the company shut it off?


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You'll have to pay their portion, but it's also considered a breach of the lease if they don't pay. A breach of the lease means you can sue/evict them for the money owed. The water being off/on is something all counties take very seriously, but you can look at it as paying a mortgage. If the tenant doesn't pay, you still have to pay the mortgage. The same can be applied to the water in regard to leases like yours. Every property needs water if tenants are living there. Pay their share and tell them to reimburse you or get evicted for breach of lease.

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They are breaking the rules in the lease and you can easily sue them for the same.
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You can send them a 3-day notice to Cure or Quit.  This is not the same as Pay or quit.  Include a copy of the lease with the appropriate terms highlighted.

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