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If you already accept cats, would it matter if your tenant had two cats or three cats? 

Backstory: we own our home now and have two cats. We will move next year (military) and will rent in our new location (in the US, not on post). My daughter has fallen in love with a kitten from a litter at her friend's house. I have no objection to letting her have the kitten (it's healthy, well-behaved, cute, and just the right age to go to a new home). DH is worried three cats will make it harder for us to rent. 

What say you? If you say, "pets ok," and the person says they have 3 cats, is that a deal-breaker? 

**please, I already know there are landlords on this board who don't take pets, only take dogs, etc.. I really want to know from people who list their property with a general "pets ok" or "cats ok" listing**

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It will depend on the landlord. Some will have limits to the numbers, sizes, etc. Some will be fine because then they get to charge pet rent and pet fees, so it's just more money for them. I don't think one extra cat is going to stop you from finding a place, you just may not be able to get the first place you would have liked.

Do you plan on selling your current home when you move, or keeping it as a rental?

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Selling, unless we are moved very close by. It really didn't make financial sense to buy, because we always knew we'd be here only 3-4 years, but we had reasons for doing so that made sense at the time.

It also doesn't make financial sense to be absentee landlords; we are not in an area that's going to see marked appreciation, we aren't planning to move back here, and we would have to pay a property manager.

Between the two of us, we've owned 4 properties over the years and rented apartments and houses all over the US and Asia. We were very lucky to make large profits on three of the four properties (one in the SF Bay Area and two in the DC Area). We're losing money on this one, unfortunately.

We've got another five years of military life, and then we plan to buy. I'd like one more overseas tour if my husband can get it, so we're definitely renting for the next two years until he's up for reassignment again.
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