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I have this family of five living in one of my houses who's driving me crazy.  It's a nice house in a nice neighborhood. I never wanted a rental property, but my husband took it as part of the deal to build the former owners a new house.  I don't know if I should just evict them because I'm tired of their demands.

So, one weekend the hot water heater gave out.  They called me.  Interrupted the football game me and my hubby were watched to complain about it.  Asked what I was going to do about it.  I didn't feel like going to look for new hot water heaters.  It was a weekend.  I told them to wait until Monday.  So of course the wife who's a real pain in the butt calls me again Monday after work complaining again about the hot water heater.  Said they've had to go to her parents' so everyone could shower. They like live just outside of town from what I gather.  I told her I was too tired to go look at hot water heaters and maybe I'd have time on Wednesday.  She gets all snotty with me and tells me she's going to call the health department if I don't do something in the next couple of days.  I'm busy.  My husband's busy.  We don't have time to drop everything for their problems.  Fine. I tell her.  I call the stupid plumber who lives next door to them and ask him to take care of it.  I hate him because he called all the time about my last tenants who drove through his lawn and let their teenage son smoke pot by the garage.  Like I'm supposed to know about that.

It wasn't a month later that they bother me again to say they had to call animal control to get a possum out of the basement.  The thing crashed through one of the basement windows.  They wanted it repaired. That basement's not finished or anything.  The house is 110 years old, so it's more like a dungeon than a basement.  I boreded it up.  That's not good enough.  They want glass in it.  Why?  It's a stinky, old basement that floods occasionally.  They had a problem with that, too because they lost some stuff they stored down there.  Asked if I knew about it.  I did, but told them I forgot to mention it when they looked at the house.  I'm not perfect.  What to they expect?

So a little while later they bug me again a few months' later about bats living in the attic.  I didn't know bats were in the attic. They didn't know until two got into the house.  I told them to find the hole and fill it.  If bats get in again, kill them.  That's not good enough for the wife who says she doesn't want bats flying around the children's bedrooms at night.  Like a little tiny bat's going to hurt anyone.  Kill it and move on.  The husband's insistent, so I tell him to call my exterminator.  Not good enough.  Again. Because my exterminator is not equipped to handle hazardous stuff like bat poop.  They said they could kill the bats but not go in the attic to remove the bodies.   He wants me to look into bat exclusion or some such nonsense.  Says that if their are a bunch of dead bat carcasses rotting in the attic that they'll have to smell for months.  Air freshners, people!  I've had mice die in my walls before and lived!  Entitled is what they are.  They say bat poop can cause sickness.  He claimed it needs to be cleaned up.  I told him it was a preexisting condition, he signed the lease he can pay for all that expense.  Then the wife's up my butt again.  Found out she just graduated from law school.  She tells me it's a health hazard. It needs to be taken care of.  She had pictures of nesting bats and lots of poop all over the rafters.  You can't see the rafters.  She said that's pretty much proof they've been there for years, it's not considered a preexisting condition because htey had no knowledge of it when they signed the lease so it's my problem, not there's.  Or something like that.  I don't understand legalese. She's pretentious.  They found the hole the bats were using to get in livable parts of the house and fixed it.  They know they're coming in through a loose vent.  Why can't they take care of it?  I'm in this to make money, not constantly fix every single little problem they come up with.  Wife also says they're looking at buying houses now that she has a job because they aren't happy with me.  I offer to let them buy the damn house for $120,000, which is average for a house that size in this town.  She lists a whole bunch of BS problems, like a flooding basement, settling foundation, the bats, the fact the shingles and carpet need replacing, the cracks forming in the ceiling from the foundation settling, outdated wiring, and the boarded over window from the possum crashing through it.  She listed a bunch of other things, too and said she wouldn't buy the house and she sure wouldn't pay over $85,000 for it because of the expense that would have to go into modernizing it and making repairs.  What a witch! 

Well...,. four months later they're back at it.  One of the springs on the garage door snapped.  They can't open it now because of the pressure the other spring is putting on the door.  Garage door opener's too weak.  Their SUV's stuck inside.   Wahhh!  The entitled idiots want me to fix it.  Of course. I tell them my husband be able to do it in a couple of weeks when it warms up.  Then we get the whining.  What about our SUV?  We need two cars to get to work.  Buck up and carpool for a while!  Husband's threating to remove the other spring if he can.  Says they can't carpool because he works in town, she works up in the city and both use their cars on their jobs.  I don't know what he does, but being a big-shot lawyer she's got to drive herself to the courthouse to sue people I guess.  I don't think I should have to fix it.  They didn't pay rent twice.  It's sitting in escrow where she put it.  Sent us a nice letter about it.  I forgot to cash two checks two months in a row, so after six months, she put it all in that escrow account saying the checks were now considered stale by her bank there was a chance they'd be refused and if we wanted our money we'd have to ask for it.  Why can't she just write another check?  Isn't it there responsibility to make sure I get paid?  She said in her letter that the escrow account was a goodfaith attempt to show the money for rent is available to us, but that they just couldn't let stale checks sit out there uncashed.  It isn't a goodfaith attempt if I can't cash her darn checks if she wrote new ones!  They don't even pay in check anymore, just send money orders.  They think they're clever.  I haven't bothered talking to her about it after getting that letter.  Just thought about evicting them then and there. 

I think I could evict them for keeping chickens in the mudroom.  I'm sure they do.  Her parents live outside of town and have chickens.  Buttloads of chickens.  They "supposedly" keep some fluffly looking show chicken breeds there.  But I saw a bag of chicken feed in their mudroom once when I was over there.  I asked about it.  Husband said he picked some up at the farm store for his father in law since it's on his way home from work.  Father in law was "supposedly" sick but needed feed.  I know they hid the chickens.  And one day after the county fair the wife and the kids were in the driveway with a pet carrier with one of these show chickens in it.  She claimed they they just stopped by on their way out of town to show the neighborhood kids the chicken and the ribbon it won. Yeah right.  I hid around the corner and saw them leave with it, but I know they brought it back later.  I look in their mudroom windows when nobody's home.  It has windows on two sides, so you can see the whole room. They keep the curtains open in there.  There's a child's play tent set up in there.  They say their youngest daughter plays in it and the mudroom's a good out of the way place to set it up.  I think it's hiding chickens.  One day I'll hear them squawk.  I asked the plumber neighbor to keep an ear out for chicken clucks and he just looked at me like I'm crazy.  But he's a butthead anyway.

I'm sick of being a landlord.  I'm sick of the house's stupid neighbor who complained about the last tenants constantly and probably will again if I get someone in there who isn't perfectly quiet all the time.  I'm sick of the current tenants and their constant problems and their stupid pets they say they keep out on a farm but I know are in the house.  Can I evict them because they really haven't paid two months' rent?  Would you?  I want to just have an empty house to sell.  Tired of this garbage.  Too bad the neighbor complained about the last tenants.  They were messy, tore up the lawn with their cars, but they didn't bother me. 



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Hello? Anyone?  Ever had tenants like this?  What do I do?  I don't think I should have to fix things. I don't think they should be taking my garage door apart to get there car out. They can hire someone to fix the spring.  Wife's been on my husband's case this morning about it. Why should I have to pay because they tell me the springs are rusty?  I don't open and close the garage door everyday.  They do.  They broke it. Can I just get rid of them??????????????

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I have been lurking on these forums getting information about rental properties because my condo isn't selling and I may be forced to rent it.  My wife and I are expecting our second child so we need more room.  Anyway, beside the point. Yours is the post so outrageous I had to register and respond.  You're either the worst landlord ever and have some kind of mental problem or you're a troll.

In case you're not a troll:

1)  Hot water heater -- I'm sorry it cut into your weekend, but that's a health and safety issue.  Unless they somehow broke it, then when it wears out, you are in charge of replacing it in a timely manner instead of complaining that you're too busy to pick up the phone to call a plumber.

2)  It sounds like your husband's a contractor if he builds houses.  Of course they're going to turn to you to replace the window.  You can probably do it cheaper since you husband is going to know people or even employ guys who install windows.  You didn't mention anything about who's expected to pay for it, but if my LL was a contractor, I'd be contacting them to get things replaced even if I had to pay.  At least that would keep the costs down.  As for cost, you could try to negotiate a 50/50 split on the cost of the window.  It was kind of a freak accident and it sounds like it's an old house with old windows.  I don't know if your tenants will agree since you've basically ruined the LL/tenant relationship there with your "I shouldn't have to repair anything ever" attitude.  Repairs and maintenance are part of being a LL.  I suggest once they move out, you just sell the house since you expect to rake in cash while people live without a water heater, etc.

3)  The flooding basement -- Forgetting to mention that before the lease is signed if you know about it is NOT an option.  I'd be upset, too, if I stored stuff in what I thought was a dry basement only to have it get wet.  I'm surprised that the lawyer wife hasn't sued you yet.  Somehow I don't buy she's a lawyer.  You're just trying to make the tenants look bad, I bet.  Of course maybe they don't want to get into another year-long lease if they're looking for a place to buy, so they're putting up with your garbage.

4)  The bat problem -- First of all, you have no clue what a preexisting condition is.  Please educate yourself because I'm not explaining what I've learned about them here. If pests were in the house before they moved in -- it sounds like they have some photos that basically prove the bats have been around a long time -- then in most states it's the LL's problem.  It's a problem you need to solve and solve correctly.  In some states you just can't exterminate bats because they're a protected species.  Besides, if your plan is just to exterminate them in their nest, then leave the bodies to rot, I'd be advocating for exclusion, too, if I was a tenant.  Air fresheners are not going to cover up that odor.  Bat guano needs to be professionally cleaned up as well.  It can harbor a type of fungus that causes a very serious lung disease.  Even the exterminator told you they weren't equipped to handle hazardous situations.  Yet you still seem to refuse to believe bat poop is a serious issue.  And what if a bat gets in again and bits a child?  Bats can carry rabies.  Are you willing to pay hospital costs if a family member gets the lung disease or for rabies shots if someone ends up bitten?  There's a lawsuit waiting to happen and no judge is going to rule in your favor.

5)  I don't understand what you're talking about with the rent, except that you aren't responsible enough to cash rent checks in a timely manner and they've set aside the rent money owed to you because the checks are too old to cash. I assume she set the money aside until she got the stale checks back from you so that she didn't have unpaid, possibly cashable checks out there.  I'd want them back so I didn't have to pay my bank a $30 per check fee to cancel them.  I'd probably do the same thing, although I might just send you a money order minus the check cancellation fees and tell you you have plenty of time to cash those checks, so you can pay to cancel them.  You claim it's their responsibility to make sure you get paid.  They did.  It's not their responsibility to drive your butt to the bank to deposit them.  You must not need money if you don't bother to cash rent checks. Must be nice ....  I wonder if you understood the whole escrow thing right or they just set the money aside and have proof that they did.  Something's missing here/not right in your explanation of the situation.  Are you sure there's an escrow?  That seems weird.  What I get for this is the checks are stale, the money's there, they've asked you to contact them about getting it to you, but you refuse to because apparently you want to play ignorant and try to evict them.

6)  Garage door -- So, how do you expect your tenants to go to work and make money to pay rent if they can't get their cars out of the garage?  And again, since you're the LL and your husband's a contractor, it seems natural for them to contact you two about repairs.  If you want them to pay for it, then SAY something.  I haven't seen any mention of you discussing costs with them.  Instead you just complain that they actually want glass in their windows, hot water and a way to get their trapped cars out of the garage. 

7)  The whole chicken thing -- Holy shit, this is just nuts.  It would really creep me out if I found out my LL was obsessed with the notion that I might be keeping chickens in the house.  Have you ever raised chickens?  Their poop smells AWFUL.  Worse than a dog's.  My aunt had some chickens once upon a time and the only time they ever came in the house was when they were sick and needed to be in a warm environment.  Even then they were kept in a large dog crate in the laundry room only as long as necessary.  You apparently have been in the house and you didn't complain in your post about it smelling bad.  It would if they kept some chickens long-term in the house.  I'm sure the tenant and her kids were just showing off their prize chicken to the kids' friends before taking it back to the farm.  Is there something in the lease that says they can't have a chicken in the driveway for a few minutes?  You seriously need some help if you go off on that and take it to mean there are chickens living there.  It also doesn't give you the right to trespass.  You may own the property, but when you rented it out, you gave away most of your rights to enter the property whenever you feel like it.  Most states require 24 hour notice to enter a rental property unless it's an emergency situation.  Your delusional suspicion that they have a chicken coop in the mudroom is not really an emergency (although it might be if you actually had proof they were raising poultry in the house).  There's no barnyard smell in the house that you mentioned and children's tents are pretty small compared to the space even one chicken needs.  Get over your stupid obsession.  They obviously have nothing to hide if the curtains are open all the time. 

Please, just do everyone a favor by selling the property when your tenant vacates. 



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I'm NOT a troll for Godssake.  I'm a landlord with a problem.  About the repairs my husband told them to call whenever something needed fixing so that's what they do. They didn't seem to get that he was just being polite.  Do people not get polite gestures anymore?   I want to be left alone!  I thought this house was going to be a money maker, not lived in by whiners who want everything done for them!  Hell, I told them to treat the house as their own.  Was hoping by saying that they'd improve it by painting or replacing the carpet or something.  I was nice enough to rent to them they could show me some appreciation.

The whole check thing is ridiculous. Talked to them to day about it. Whether a stale check goes thru is the choice of the person who processes it.  The bank takes several factors into consideration before cashing a check older than 6 months and they won't cash one older than a year. They told me the checks might go thru or might not. They asked if I still had the checks. I said yes. They asked for them back to make sure they're destroyed. Said they'd give me fresh checks because that money's in a different account where it won't get accidentally spent. I asked why I had to waste my postage to bother to return them.  I was told to return them or they'd take $70 off the rent for the two $35 fees to cancel them.  I told them if they did that I'd evict them for not paying the entire rent.  It's not my fault they feel the need to cancel them because they don't trust me to rip up checks.  Wife said to go ahead and try.  She said they've written several letters to me reminding me about cashing them.  Read off the dates.  I remembered signing for something once or twice for the mailman.  A little green card or something I had to sign before I got the envelope.  But I threw them out because I don't care about anything but the rent checks from them. 

So get off my back.  I'm in this for the money and that's it.  I'm not some good samartan who feels the need to bend over backwards fixing bat problems and garage doors.  I don't see how bats are that big of a deal anyway. Or borded up windows in a fricking basement. Who cares?  It's not like it's the living room!  That hazardous waste and rabies stuff is just more media hype to scare us.  I'm not buying into it.  They can get rid of their own damn bats.  Take me to court.  Go ahead.  I'll stomp on them for being entitled a-holes.

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If your husband told them to let him know if there needs to be repairs, then expect them to take it seriously.  Repairs are needed, so they called.  Duh.  If you didn't want the responsibility to fix every damn thing, then he shouldn't have said that.  And from what you've posted, it doesn't sound like they're whining about a broken doorbell or that the blinds in the living room fell down.  If you don't like it, then tell them they need to make their own repairs.  Personally, I think I'd like to know if the tenants had to fix something a little more serious like a broken window or garage door.  I'd like to know who did it and if they did quality work.  Having had to do maintenance on my condo, I know who can do good work at a reasonable price and who to avoid.  I certainly wouldn't want to have to go in and re-repair something when the tenant leaves because they hired the lowest common denominator of window installers or whatever.  And seriously you want them to improve the property by replacing the carpet and painting?  Seriously?  It's not enough that they pay you rent and abide by the lease?  They have to spent their money to add value to your property?  Are you sure you're not a troll?  If you're not one of the internet variety, you're sure one in RL.  Maybe your tenants should get on bended knee and thank you for allowing them to live in a house where you don't want to get rid of pests who might carry rabies and where emergencies are only handled if you really feel it while you obsess about them keeping imaginary livestock in the home.  Really if you're over at the property peeking in the windows for illicit chickens .... you could leave the torn-up stale checks in an envelope in the door or something.  I wouldn't trust you either. You seem to be the money-grubbing variety of person.  I wouldn't put it past you to receive new checks/money orders from your tenants and then try to cash both the replacements and the stale ones. 

I hope you do sue for eviction.  I would love to see a rant from you that your tenants won because you have absolutely no leg to stand on.  They paid the rent and now they're trying to get your money to you.  They have apparently documented the whole clusterfuck, too.  It's your own fault for not working with them.  Please, just put the house on the market.  It'll be better for everyone.

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On the other hand I'm having a real problem with my tenants and I really need advice.

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When you took the property for a rental, you also took on the responsibility of being a landlord.  Which means getting inconvenient calls on weekends about water heaters, pests, leaks, and every other type of problem.  You must  replace the water heater in a reasonable amount of time.  That means a day or two without out water, not when you have time to replace it.  If you can't do it yourself in a reasonable amount of time, you hire someone to do it.  When a window breaks, unless the tenant did it, you fix it.  Putting a board over it is great as a temporary measure, but glass keeps out the bugs and everything else.  Replace the glass.  Put a clause on your lease that basements ad garages are never guaranteed to be dry and cannot be living spaces.  Then if your forget to mention that the basement floods, you can point to the clause.  Bats in the attic?  Close the hole, remove the pests, and clean it up.   Your house, you repair it unless they caused it.  Garage door - same thing.  Make repairs in a reasonable manner.  Go over and help push up the door so they can get the car out.  Then repair in a reasonable time.  They didn't break the spring, it just wore out.  Fix it.

As for the checks, of course you should return them to get new ones.  If they had your checks, wouldn't you want them returned before you handed them new ones?  A judge would say that was a reasonable request.  Give them back and collect your rent money.  They are offering to pay you.  If you don't, a judge will throw out any case for eviction.  That money is ready and waiting for you and you know it.  They are trying to pay  You just aren't accepting it.

Chickens?  You've been in the house, you've looked in the windows.  Chickens don't stay put well.  They move constantly.  If they truly were zipped in a child's nylon play tent, you would see the sides move as chickens pecked and strutted around inside.

My suggestions?  Take your responsibility as a landlord.  Fix what you're supposed to fix.  Cooperate and get your rent.  Quit spying in their windows (that could be a lawsuit!).  Consider hiring a professional property manager.  It will cost you a little money.  But you won't have any more calls, no interruptions, no dealing with tenants.

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The above advice is right on Poppy.... hire a professional property manager... you don't quite yet understand what it really means to be a "landlord." And I have been in the business for 40 years.


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Poppy is clearly an unhappy tenant trying to mock this forum. Shun her.

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