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I saw this Craigslist ad and I found it interesting that someone was advertising this service for landlords!


Hello My name is Juan.
I specialize in a particular trade.
I help manage properties and I help property owners' regain there home back from scum renters by in unconventional manner.
Text me your info
I have a partner
Min $40.00
Most If i get them out $250.00
References upon request


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LOL!!!  Haven't we all thought of using Juan's method with a particularly bad tenant?  Of course, no one would actually advocate any illegal activity. 

But many years ago, my grandmother used to rent out places. I heard stories about when she'd have a tenant who wouldn't pay or leave, she used to call her plumber.  Not to turn off the water or anything.  Seems the guy was a bit of a drinker.  He'd show up on the tenant's front porch and start serenading them with his off key singing.  (Now we've all seen the "alleged" drunk in the back of the police cruiser on youtube singing Bohemian Rhapsody haven't we?)  Image one sitting in your front yard singing old drinking songs!

Of course, I'm not advocating any method such as this, or Juan's.  Just a funny story...  Stick with legal methods to remedy tenant problems.

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I also do not condone anything illegal. However, I am very curius about his method and results.  Maybe I should call his references just to hear about it.


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While it might be tempting, I wouldn't.  If something should happen later to one of your tenants or the property, the tenant could claim you had been behind it.  Even if it was just a coincidence, you don't want even the impression of wrong doing.  And this ad could be a set up to catch illlegal doings by LLs.


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We see it as a big and important part to receive information from the relatives in the disability of the user.

This helps us do a better job and we work together with you to provide a better personal assistance.

Working at Sjuhärad Appliance Assistance service is fun and challenging in many ways.

Daglig Verksamhet

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For sure seems to be a great informative ad, thanks for posting...
San Diego House Cleaning, Construction & Maintenance Services NewYork

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That is a very interesting one.....
Fox Valley Local

Posts: 25
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I know I'm kinda late to respond to that Craigs list ad, to me #1-sounds like that ad is a rip off to any landlord that is stressed out with battling with a tenant and is stupid enough to fall for it. #2, who in their right mind would even respond to an ad like that? and #3 wouldn't we all like to have a "Juan". As LL we all know we must follow the renting laws to the T, if not we as LL's pay a high price.

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I also do not excuse anything unlawful. However, I am very curius about his technique and outcomes.  Maybe I should contact his sources just to listen to about it.
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Posts: 47
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Obviously they browse this forum, their first reply occurred about an hour after the first couple of posts here.

Always nice to see readers.

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hi there............
great discussion here........
good job keep it up............
thanks for a post.....................[smile]

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Using this could get you in a lot of legal trouble - definitely not worth it.

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Very nice.. This kind of information is good for me, because I am already in search of such ad posting list.
Thank you

Unlimited Messages

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To be fair, it's something one would resort to in extremely desperate measures. Who knows what the methods are.. in fact, the lesser you know, the better it is. 
It is best to avoid such situations as it may be against the law. But like I said, some one in a desperate situation may actually go in for something that gives him some results.


Villas in Goa - Highland Villas

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Would there be any need for such an Ad? I mean, Technically isn't the law supposed to be the first place to approach. Using any illegal tactic could surely put one in the cross hairs of the law which would really be undesirable.
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