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I need some advice.  My husband and I have been allowing our adult daughter to live in our rental house.  We agreed to a relatively small amount to be paid monthy ($250 for a five-bedroom house).  She and her son and daughter had lived there a few years, and she did a fine job of paying her bills.  However in the last year, she moved her boyfriend and his two children into the house against our wishes (she asked; we said no; she ignored).  Since that has happened, the house has become a terrible mess.  The boyfriend has changed the locks.  We are not allowed in.  And the rent has not been paid in nine months.  Now, we have always been a close-knit family, and I don't want to "evict" my daughter.  However, I do want the boyfriend and his children out of the house.  We told him a month ago today that he had a month to find other arrangements.  I spoke with my daughter, and she said he didn't find anything, and asked for a couple more weeks.  After speaking with my husband, we hesitantly agreed with the condition that he had to be out in exactly two weeks.  How do we make certain that this happens?    Any and all advice would be much appreciated.  This is just a mess of a situation.  Like I said, the family had always been very close-knit until this man came along.


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Duplicate post.  See replies under New LLs.

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