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I am not a lawsuit happy person and have never done so before but I have just experienced the landlady from hell. My husband and I have been home owners for thirty years and after losing our home we put an ad on CL telling about ourselves and this lady contacted us saying she and her husband were going thru a friendly divorce and to make ends meet she was renting out rooms. The place we would live was in a 1,000 sq foot room with a bath and no kitchen. There were stains on the carpet but she said that was from when her husband used to work on motorcycles in the room. We kept trying to get the stains up and she said several times thru emails she knew she needed to replace the carpet.

When we went to see the place she told us the room had central air and heat. When Summer came we used the central AC a couple of times. We had to ask the lady to give us the key to the lockbox over and over to open the central AC. We left for a week on vacation and when we got back she said she was disconnecting the AC and if we wanted AC we had to go out and buy our own unit. She had other renters in the house and refused to let them buy an AC unit and refused to turn on her AC even in 105 plus degree weather. One of the renters was a stage four cancer survivor and we were all told the same thing..."constant breeze and rarely needs AC". She lied and we found out it is normally 100 - 109 daily int he Summer with nearly 100% humidity. This renter was coughing blood and she still wouldn't turn on the AC and then one day we found out she had it in her room and her office from a separate unit and she had said over and over she "never" uses the AC.

One of her dogs bit my husband when he was trying to help it get down to the barn. She had assigned him the job of putting her 5 dogs in every night. It broke the skin and took a week or so to heal.

She promised us a kitchen after seeing if things worked out after two months and that never happened. She gave us the place filthy and we cleaned it (all backed up by emails) and when we left we paid a maid $85 to clean the place spotless and this is when she confessed when her son shot himself in the head this was the room he went into and all of those stains we have been struggling for six months to clean up were his blood stains.

When we left we accidentally took a part to her computer system and instead of emailing us to mail the part back she emailed us that she had to lose a day of work and said she would take it off the deposit. Plus, she gets unemployment and works two jobs under the table. It is illegal for her to rent rooms where she is in San Diego and on top of that she has an unpermitted mobile home on her property where she charges $700 a month.

When we gave notice she was bringing people in to see the room without giving us any notice and the new tenants have a medical marijuana card and she is now going to go into growing medical marijuana with them for a profit not realizing I believe you are allowed just so many mature and immature plants for personal use.

We just want our deposit back and we believe she is lying about losing a whole day of work and she did this without contacting us first asking us to mail the small part back.

The other renters she had in the house are giving notice as well as the renters in the mobile home. She created an RV spot and is not renting out an RV spot to a married couple on the property. The list goes on and on about the nightmare there and we are now in our own townhouse. I know someone moved out and she has been asking for her deposit back since April and has not received it.
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