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I’m new site managing. I’m being thrown into this property from another property and I’ve only been there for 2 months. I was asked to call a move out and tell them they need to return their keys or we will be charging them this months rent. How do I world this phone call. I don’t know what to say. I don’t have a back bone if they say no. This is section 8 so I’m not dealing with the nicest people.

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You need to tell them just that, "You have 24 hours to return the keys or you will be charged another month's rent. Please let me know when we can meet up. Thank you!"

If they give you any trouble, just be clear in what they are doing, such as, "So, you are refusing to return the key and refuse to pay any further rent?" and let your boss know. You should be changing the locks anyway, so the actual key isn't vital, but it is very important in making it clear they are actually moved out (if they have a key, they have possession and therefore you can't go in yet, even if it's empty, you need to go through a proper eviction, unless they actually say something very clear such as "Yes, we're completely out.").

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I had to leave a message. So I’m hoping it’s easy and that there are no issues. Thank you.

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This is one instance I disagree with the other post. If the tenant still has keys, he still has possession. Unless you have something in writing saying he is out, he needs to continue to pay rent. If there is a written statement, change locks and move on. But without that, changing locks could be seen as a constructive eviction. I'd call his section 8 caseworker and let them know he has failed to return keys and possession to you.
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