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Hello, I really need your help. I'm looking for the best associations in each state for Landlords. Can you please let me know the name or website for the association you use on a state level?
Thank you!

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Many of the LL associations are known by REIA (Real Estate Investors Association).  These initials are preceeded by initials for your state (like OREIA for Ohio).  Do an internet search for "REIA" in your area and see if there is a local chapter.  Also, there may be other LL associations in your area that are either local or regional.  Check a search engine under "Landlords in ____", or "Landlord groups in _____".  There may also be groups for Apartment Owners or Managers or Property Managers. You could try searches under these.  Finally, if LLs are required to register in your area, the local government registration office may have more information on groups.


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If you are a landlord in Washington watch out for Bret Driver and Adre Swank

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Alex, might I suggest you watch accusations.  You are not anonymous here.  Those people can find their names through a google search and then see yours.  Be careful that what you say so you will not get sued.

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I am also agree with OHlandlord 
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