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This was not a formal Landlord/tenant relationship.  Just one friend helping out a guy friend and his family during their hard time.

Anybody know if a tenant at will voluntarily leaves before the 60 days notice to terminate is up, if they can sue later? Note: there is a signed letter stating that their demands for  $ compensation (as recommended by their attorney had been met and released everyone from the tenant -at-will relationship.)

Also related to this would be if any landlord has been sued for " deplorable living conditions" (falsely testified to on a Notice and Summons), 2.5 months after this same tenant moved out.  The home is perfectly fine. No repairs were ever neglected. Only one was needed during their stay, and taken care of w/in 24 hrs. (screen on a well water system needed changing.) He is suing for all his back rent for lack of "upkeep and maintenance or 'maintence' as he spelled it" and "being evicted without due cause."

We are being sued 10k.

We would really appreciate any feedback.

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