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I had always been self-sufficient before I became a lodger and my assets frozen until the last few years. 

I had one almighty experience with a landlord who was superb for sometime until he changed and begun changing his agreement with me.  I was in a six roomed house that became shared by nine others with various disrespectful lifestyle choices: some of these lodgers were intolerably rude and took over the entire building and allowing their friends access to all areas.

I liked my landlord a great deal and was very fond of him in every way.  We had a unique bond until he began allowing his wife to change the rent amounts that fluctuated from one month to the next.  He used her and his mother to enforce the unwritten law with me: rent always in cash and left for him to grab on the side of the board.

I suddenly grabbed my belongings and got out when his wife suddenly came out of nowhere to intimidate me.  I confronted her and told her that if she ever does this again, I would have the legal dogs on her.  I am trained in law as well as have many powerful contacts, yet my landlord did not know this or even understand the fact that I was clued up.  I owed him rent, yet had left the money with his wife who failed to tell him.

I have since gotten out of it over six years ago and so much happier having my own place.  Not all landlords are great, especially if they do not keep track of what is going on in their own building.

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