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The landlord left for good he shut off the utilities and2 people live in the house and I live on a separate side . I found out 3yrs ago he isn't coming back indefinitely. I put the utilities on in my name we split it 3 ways now 1 person don't wanna pay she cursed me out and refuses to pay now can I shut off the utilities on there side. If I get my own meter ? She keeps threatening me and I really don't think she deserves the utilities let alone a free ride on me and taking away from my 3 kids . or can I shut the breaker off to the downstairs and play dumb I wanna shut everything off and have the remaining balance they owe fwd to the address is there anything I can do cause a 400.00 dollar gas bill every month I can't afford and its bs and I'm sick of her white trashness . I AM NOT THE HOME OWNER BTW just a tenant who was the only responsible adult in the house other 1 is a drug addict and ones a drunk but he acually pays !! Thank you for your help in advance!!

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check with the city...
I doubt you can have a separate meter as you are not the owner.
you might be able to shut off

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Great thank you. I had to put all the utilities in my name and pay the balance he had left so kindly all together almost 3k he was just collecting rent and pocketing it and then he took of to Pakistan and shut everthing off now this lady who lives hea also on the other side main part of house I have the apartment side she don't wanna pay her crack use has the best of her the other man who lives on the main house side also he pays he said its time to move out she is keeping me up and trying to break into my room ect ect so if I can get a sep meter and shut her off in the dark I'll be happy I understand its not nice but her smoking crack and spending the utility money on your habit and me with 3kids and trying to just stay afolat isn't nice either and then she said if I shut it off shell ruin my life so I called the police hopping to catch her smoking her crack and she wouldn't open the door but I showed then officer she still is texting me to this very minute but nothing happened... She tried to get !e fired from my job but again didn't work so she is just a leach and I'd love to see her go away like farrrr away ยก!!!!!!
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