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I am in the UK but reading your messages on here tells me that the problem of tenants having more rights than the landlord is not exclusively a UK issue. Perhaps some of you might be interested in my blog charting the problems I am currently experiencing with my tenant:


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Nope it seems that it is everywhere.  Although I really do not understand why that is.  I really don't understand why people who have absolutely no scrupples about themselves have more rights than people who do.  I am not saying that all landlords have scrupples or that all tenants are bad but I haven't really found one yet that was good.  It is ubsurd the amount of stuff that you have to put up with as a landlord and I am bound and determined to rid of my properties the first chance that I have.  Know any investors in Ohio?


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There really ain't a specific place as to where this kind of situation happens. It's  common  everywhere. It's really  a matter of how one's handle stuffs and how tenants and landlords make a good  communication or deal between each other.

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as I await our tenants' eviction for drug trafficking, it kills me that I am the one who has to controll all my actions because of their rights. I have to post 24 hour notice to have appraisal of damage from door being ruined by the police raid....I have to pay plumber to go to the house after she calls water dept and tells me by text there is "no running water' (The kitchen faucet was broken, that's it, and by them)- because I would be in trouble as the landlord of not supplying running water. All of my actions are based on the fear that they will fight this eviction and somehow find a loophole because of something I failed to do as the landlord.  I fear him getting out of jail before they are out, as detective points out- "he's gotten guns after each arrest, he'll do it again" How is it these criminals still have rights? Maddening.....


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You did not find out he had been arrested multiple times until AFTER you rented to him?  THAT is the biggest part of your problem.  Also, you need to read the LL/tenant laws for your state - and reread them until you have a grasp of what they are.  It will help eliminate your fears of doing something wrong.


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Thanks Marymary1978

Helpful answer for us.

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I have to agree with Mary.  Screen, screen, screen.  No one should ever rent a place without undergoing a complete criminal background check and eviction check. 

In OH, you can do an expedited eviction for the drug raid.  OInly a 3 day notice to vacate is needed, then file to evict.  OH law allows the LL to evict after a drug raid (reasonable cause), with ot without an arrest or any drugs found.  Get a copy of the drug raid paperwork, the warrant (notarized from the court) authorizing the drug raid, the task force's report on what they found, etc.  I have found that the task force officers will cooperate and show up at the eviction hearing too, making the eviction quick and easy.  I hope you called them.

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The rising demand for rental accommodation combined with a cap on benefits is slowly turning parts of London into a third world ghetto.


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You did not discover out he had been caught many periods until AFTER you leased to him?  THAT is the greatest aspect of your issue.
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My DH and I have a second home in NC while we reside in VA.  We had a bad experience the first time we rented out our small home in NC.  The tenants had great credit records, but they never intended to live in our home the entire year.  They did not tell us that they were looking for a house.  Fortunately, the couple had two good incomes, so we still collected the rent after they vacated.  They left some items in the home, so the PM was never able to show to other prospective tenants.  If we had found another tenant, we were going to tell them they didn't have to pay once we were receiving rent from the other tenants.  Our first tenants were so irresponsible, they did not change their mailing address until a month after their lease was up on our house.  Not a terrible first experience, but not great.

Our second tenants have been ideal.  He is a marine who is trying to get our of the service.  They are very young, but responsible.  The rent is on time and they passed the six-month inspection with flying colors.
Not all experiences are terrible.  After these tenants move, we may try to rent for short-term leases.  We may use the home for a few months of the years, and rent it our for six months or less.  It will be furnished.  Any one had experiences with short-term leases?

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Since i was moved i never been have a problem according to landlord.In Finland where i use to migrate in Helsinki i called a moving services or muuttofirma to make all things good and lucky i am i found a good place their where i did not even have a problem.

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I encounter no pets allowed cause they don't  want noisy things or some kind of dirty coming from pets ,this year i am planning to migrate in Helsinki in fact i am looking now for a good moving company or muuttopalvelu in Helsinki so that i can easily move in the place.

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The last landlord I worked for we had a great tenant/landlord relationship.  She went through some horrid nightmares with tenants who call the code enforcement after they tear the place up, fill fridge-stove-AC and entire house with dirt, let untrained pit bulls stay inside, one even had 60 cats, a lot of them robbed her a lot, they break out every window in the houses when they get mad if they can't pay their own rent, they tear up or steal the AC units, owe her rent for long periods, sell drugs on and on.  I do want to let you landlords know that there are some good tenants.  I'm upfront with all landlords.  I've landed quite a few jobs being that way.  I worked for most all my landlords they loved my work.  I can use almost any tool a man can & almost do anything a man can.  Roofing, construction, plumbing, landscaping, clean outs etc...I trained Denny's managers and cooks for over 35 years this is where the respect comes from.  After they were through with training through me they get a big head and get mean to employees but I still respect them.  So the thing that I tell apartments, rooms etc...that I am trying to rent which I am seeking a place to live and can pay and work, is:  No pets, no drugs, no parties, no drama, no kids, no friends or relatives coming by, clean quiet, mind my own business, you don't have to ask for your money, I own my truck, 58, disabled but get around good.  Only 2 bad things are on me=My low credit score of 580 and I smoke but willing to go outside.  I can pass a background check, application, criminal check, eviction check but low credit score.  Anyone interested in a really GOOD renter with only 2 bad items on me?  Loveabl1[bawl]
Mary N Stamper[wink]

Mary N Stamper[wink]
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