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I recently received a notice on my door stating that they need to enter the premises to do a water heater inspection. The time frame they gave was 9am-6pm from 11/7 to 11/14. A whole week where they can come in whenever they want - I feel like that is really invading my privacy and makes me very uncomfortable. Is this within managements rights?


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So they plan to come in sometime this week to do an inspection, huh?  Not very good notice if you ask me.  Good practice would be to narrow it down to a couple hour period, even if they are inspecting all the water heaters in the building (say Wed. from noon to 4pm). 

But the question is CAN they do this?  We can't tell you for sure since you don't list your state.  Each state has it's own laws on notice periods.  Notice for entry varies widely.  Some states require no notice at all.  Others require that you are notified several days ahead.  Additionally, some states require entry on M-Sat during daylight hours.  Others may say only a "reasonable" period.  Go back to the main forum page.  Look under the heading "LANDLORD LAW, Free Legal Charts".  Click on the first post "Free Legal Charts", then to the end of the 3rd line "Landlord Right of Entry by State". Double Click on this and find your state.  That should tell you the law on what amount of notice and what time period the LL may effect entry into your unit.
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