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We are a fairly new web-based property management software company (since 2008) and we are looking to take out software to the next level.  To do this we need both negative and positive feedback from landlords who actively use our software.

Landlord's input is what is driving the next generation of our software, we know that landlords time is scarce and important.  We also know that many of their common tasks are routine and can be automated.  Therefore in exchange for your opinion we are offering our software free for life, (excludes add-ons) and $25 in add-on service credits.  (landlords, typically apply these to electronic payment fees).

Use this link while registering to receive your $25 in service credits.

Additionally, for those who don't want to actively participate with the software we would like to know your opinions of what makes a great property management software product.  Your suggestions have a good chance on being integrated into future versions of our software.

__________________ Property Management Software

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ptn, Thought I'd give you some feedback.  Watched the tutorial video.  Don't assume that property managers have properties that are all the same.  (Had to laugh when I heard that!)  There are thousands of property managers, like me, who have vastly different properties.  Only those property managers at apartment complexes have identical units.  I work for a major real estate company and manage tons of properties for individual owners/investors.  The units can range from a tiny one bedroom efficiency apt. to a 5 bedroom Victorian house.  Some are extreme low end, some are luxury units.  None of them are identical!  For this, I use a spread sheet which lists amenities and just checkmark those present.  You may want to consider something like this for your program so that only those checked show up on the listing.  Doing a floorplan for each property would be a nightmare so I would skip that part.  I do laser measure the rooms though, to give aprox. dimensions. 


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Just to clarify the earlier post, we group like units within a single property together into floor plans not properties.  This makes sense in the case of a large property with say 90 units which are 2 Bed 1 bath, and maybe 30 that are 1 bed 1 bath.  This way they can quickly setup 2 floor plans and populate out the units in bulk.

To better understand your point OHlandlord and maybe we are not doing a good enough job in our tutorial video.  Our system is setup for both multi-unit and single-unit properties, however, the way we have setup single-unit properties is essentially we made them a multi-unit property which just happens to only have 1 floor plan and 1 unit.  This was done specifically to enable flexibility to a landlord who may own a single unit in a building who later purchases a second, at this point he/she may simply add a second unit.  Effectively making what was originally a single-unit property a multi-unit property in this case.

Thank you for your comment, we will review our tutorial video and work to clarify it for future viewers.  In the meantime we would love to have you give the software a try and tell us what we can do better, we are looking to make the software better for smaller landlords which have historically been undeserved in this space.  Your assistance would greatly benefit our landlord user's experience.

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