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I am a landlord in Ohio, and I have noticed landlords have less rights than tenants and it doesn't matter if they don't pay or not. For instance 24 hour notice to inspect, doesn't mean didly if the tenant won't let you in, police won't help. Unauthorized tenants even if hte lease has detailed info about such means nothing have to pay $126.00 to file a slow eviction process.


But what really gets me is court colelction laws are crap and I have wrote senator ray miller paper, email, fax,  made phone calls, abnd even visited his office to get his intern (worthles dolts with no concenr what so ever) that change every so often. I have wrote state rep. dan stewart did all of the saem with him, and I've gotten zilch, but his intern zach tried some. What I have tried to do is get court colelction laws, specifically wage garnishment changed to model AZ state's system. AZ. has it so every employer has to file a form with every employee's name/social on it and send it to a state data base, and if they owe a judgement, they are automatically wage garnished where ever they work in the state.


Problem is I can't get anyone with money to back the idea nor anyone with power.. It seems logical and would help landlords a lot.. Anyone who thinks they can help or wants to is welcome.


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I'll grant big landlords/companies write dead beats off if they don't get anything from a collection company. But is that holding responsible or just figuring dollar to bottom line? Meaning forget morality make me the dollar? I know time is money and so forth, but the bottoms or hilltop in columbus, ohio is lousy and will never improve even in the least with out some improvements pushed through by landlords.. The slums will be slumholes, beer cans, bottles, trash every where, busted windows, tenants moving out of filthy holes, busted doors, and so forth left with landlords to fork out of their pockets with little hope of collection from these loosers because we can't unit together and push some lazy, money and career motivated political bums into changing soem laws? Come on land lords let's stop being the gimp here, I don't know about you, but my bender is tired of being abused by lousy tenant's and lousy court laws!


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Granted at this point I'm talking ot myself here. But correct me if I'm wrong. Landlords are most of the time in this buis for money? If we are then wouldn't it make sense to have laws such as wage garnishment work in a resonably good fashion? WOuldn't it make sense to make tenants more responsible at least money wise for damages to the units/places we own? Wouldn't it make sens for a landlord to be able to show police a black and white copy of the lease showing un-authorized occupants and be able to have the police throw out the un-authorized occupants?


I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't like lubing up and bending over because logic nor common sense doesn't work more less apply here! I would think if we joined together and put enough voice together we might be heard by our state reps and senators..?



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I like the idea of automatic garnishment.  I didn't know any state had made that law.  (Maybe I'll move to that state!)  Yes, the tenants seem to have all the rights.  The courts say that they do it to balance the power (since the LL makes the lease and has the property).  I, too, am tired of tenants tearing up my place, or not paying the rent, or wanting to break the lease for no reason.  We seem to have no resourse here.  Yeah, we can take them to court, maybe even get a judgment.  But what good is that?  It's just a piece of paper.  I can't use it to repair my house or pay my mortgage.  The last tenant I had left my lovely 4 BD house with roof & gutter damages (kids climbing out window onto roof), holes in the walls of the dining room (unauthorized cats clawing to get up to windows), a huge hole in the living room wall (I suspect teenagers playing by pushing each other), stained carpet in the laundry (cats used it as a litter box), a caved-in shed roof (kids on top of shed), discolored tub fixtures (she tried to clean the tub w/ toilet bowl cleaner), full of fleas (I had to bug bomb TWICE!), and completely filthy.  She had only been there 11 months.  It took me months to get it ready to rent again.  This house is in a very nice section of town - a quiet, manicured community.  All I got out of it was her security deposit.  She doesn't care about her credit score, she now lives in her mother's house.  The bad part is that she has a nice job at a VA (a federal institution)!  Why can't I get her wages to reimburse me for what her kids & pets did to my place?  It seems only right to me.  I'd vote for it!


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I am a landlady in California.  What can I do to evict tenants who owe 2months of rent, and threaten my family?  They have broken at least three rules of the lease.  We are currently trying to go through the court system.  Any advice?
I agree with OHlandlord.  Tenants wages should be garnished for not paying.  I get up to go to work every day, pay my taxes and do what I have to do.  Why am I not protected?  Why are those bastards who are lazy and scum not be made to pay for not keeping their side of the bargain as a tenant?  But, what can we do.  There should be a law to protect tenants as well.

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I know what your saying, and it's all pretty much true.. Problem is a lease is a piece of paper that pust thigns in writing makes it easy to prove this or that was agreed upon and it's mainly used in eviction or civil court, but I doubt if ever criminal.. Tenant's can break the lease left and right, but when the dirt bags do there is usually little a Landlord can do except take the loss, file eviction (easiest way to evict is for non payment of rent) and learn from it.. Sucks royally I know I have roughly $25,000 in judgments against dead beats and I'm a small time landlord!!!

File eviction for non payment of rent if they owe, don't accept any money after you file because it might negate the eviction, and bring proof to court in case the scum bags do show up..

I don't know California laws, but you shuld be able to go to your library and get a book on california Landlord Tenant laws(ask the help desk people if need be), read up on it, this book should gretaly help you on understanding your rights (as little as they are being a landlord).

I feel you on the dirt bag tenants, and they don't fear any thing by breaking the lease because they usually have nothing and figure they probably never will..On the other hand be a bad landlord and dirt bag tenant that broke umpteen parts in the agreement gets locks changed and their stuff on the side walk can call th police, get you arrested, and possibly file civil suite with some sleazy lawyer because the lawyer figures sure client doesn't have money, but landlord does.. Unfair system in that aspect, but short of indenture persay like making the dead beats do community service to you to pay debt back, there is little way of geting money from them most times.

Another note take a tape recorder with you any time you talk to them, might not be held as evidence in court, but might make the dirt bags shut up a little. Or take plenty of witneses any time you have to go to the property.

Any t

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Good advice on the tape recorder Kurt.  In Ohio, I did find it is legal to tape record anyone as long as you are a party of the conversation. So I went to Radio Shack and got this gadget that hooks to my phone. As long as I'm on the phone with them, I can record them. Also, I took a pocket tape recorder when I went to see them. I would always record the time, date, and purpose of the visit before I showed up.
Before I went to court, I played back the tape and wrote out what each said as a transcript to make it easier for the courts.  When I got to court, they were denying this and that and I then pulled out the tape player and transcript and explained to the judge that I could give him a copy of the transcript and play the tape and he could read along if it was necessary. I then read a few of the items.  I also had printed off a part of the Ohio law that said it was legal to record if I would need it.  The dead beats then fessed up to all of the lies and suddenly began to remember things. At the end as it was becoming clear that things were going for me, they began to tell the judge that I was one of the best landlords they had ever had! That one was a memorable one for me.
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