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Greetings All:

I'm a new landlord, and have a lease agreement with a tenant that I would like to terminate. This tenant has done nothing so overt as to warrant lease violation, but there have been a few "yellow flag" signals recently.

I should also add that this person is someone who lives with me as a roommate; however, I'm moving out of my unit and will have another tenant moving in shortly. My main concern is that this person could cause problems, and I'd rather just end the lease prematurely and cut my potential loses. The lease is a standard agreement for the state of Massachusetts, and I can't seem to find any language in it about a landlord terminating a term lease.

Currently, the lease term ends on 6/30/08, and I'm wondering what steps I need to take to terminate the agreement, and if anyone else has had a similar experience.



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This is a current lease.  Unless the tenant does something that warrants termination and eviction, you cannot terminate for no cause.  The tenant has the right to have his/her lease honored until its expiration, even if the property were to be sold.  If you wish to negotiate a fee so they would accept an early termination and move voluntarily, you are free to make a proposal.  But they do not have to accept it.

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