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Hello Fellow Landlords,

I own 3 rental homes in Raleigh, NC area. I have all the three homes deeded to the LLC to protect myself. The  Landlord insurance is still on my name for the homes, is that an issue? I am being told that it'll be about $1600/yr to issue the landlord insurance on the name of the LLC.

Also, the mortgage is on our name as name(vs on the name of LLC)!

If you have your rental property under an LLC, whose name is deeds and the insurance for the home?

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Awesome question, you are obviously an officer of the LLC correct? Then you should be able to have it in your name still I believe. 

Although, I hear vale piercing attorneys often times use things like that to void out the protections of an LLC. Just a thought, might want to ask your LLC lawyer on this one. I'm curious now as well.  

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