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Hello all.  I am new to the landlord business and would like some input.  I bought a 1900 3 family back in June 2013.  It needed some work so slowly my dad and I started tearing into it and every weekend we would work on it.  I'm finally on the last floor which I'm preparing for myself.  I'm currently framing and am making a lot of noise and the 2nd floor tenant is complaining (understandably so).  Before she signed the lease, I told her that'll every weekend I'll be there and working on it and it will be LOUD.  She told me that it would not be an issue and that "construction noises are soothing to her."  Well turns out, not so soothing...  She's a great tenant otherwise and I don't want to lose her.  She asked to not start as early, so she can sleep in.  I've accommodated and start later in the day.  I don't know what to do next, any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Sounds as if you have a reasonable tenant, which isn't always the norm. My suggestion would be to work with this tenant. Continue to work around each other's schedules. Many times a tenant will say they can handle something without realizing what they're agreeing to. Once in the situation feelings may change, but you're lucky enough to have a tenant willing to work with you.

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Get the work done quickly. How skilled are you really? Is a 2 day framing job (for a pro) taking you 2 months? Landlords that do their own work ALWAYS drag it out way too long. Even good tenants run out of patience.

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Tenants have the right to live privately and undisturbed by others. You should make sure you do repairs within a reasonable time. If possible hire a handyman to get the work done quicker.
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