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I am in Georgia and have rented a home to the same individual for 2 years (was a 2-year lease with no rent increase) and have had issues with late rent (he typically pays the 3rd & 4th of the month), and I am also getting notifications from the city of unpaid sewer/garbage bills. The ending term of the lease is August 31, 2016 but I used an online rental agreement that has an automatic extension clause which states that if the Landlord and Tenant do not notify the other that the extension is not desired 60 days prior to the end of the lease, the lease will automatically be extended for one year and the rent will be increased by 5% for the preceding term. 

Based on comps in the same area, I could potentially get $500+ more per month in rental income. Taxes, etc. have increased and I need the additional money. 

So I messed up by not notifying the Tenant 60 days in advance that the automatic extension was not desired; it will only be 30 days. 

Do I have any legal rights here? If he wants to stay, could we null and void the "automatic extension" and create a new lease (if the Tenant prefers)? 

Thank you. 

Terry DeCarlo

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give him a 3 day to pay utilities. if not evict

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what does your lease say about when rent is due? Is there a grace period according to your lease or GA statute?  If no grace period then enforce your lease.

Use a calendar program to input when lease renewals are due.
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