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I am leasing to purchase a house in St.Louis Missouri.

I was contacted by a debt collection company via my landlord. Apparently, MSD (sewer company) has sent the balance of $186 to a collection company because my landlord has not paid it. When the collection company called him he gave them my name saying I OWE IT. He never informed me I needed to pay a sewer bill. The sewer bill comes to the OWNER of the property, not the tenant or even the property I inhabit. My landlord claims he never got any bills. He claims that my sewer bill is part of my "utilities" and I need to pay it. I could not switch the sewer to my name because only the PROPERTY OWNER can add a second name to the bill.(Not to mention I didn't know he wasn't taking care of the bill in the first place as when he told me what utilities I need to switch to my name he never mentioned the sewer) My lease purchase contract mentions NOTHING of me paying any only talks about what I have to do (and can't do) to buy the house in 5 years. I'm a reasonale person, I understand if I live in the property I need to pay utilities...BUT sewer is not considered a utility. I feel like the property owner/landlord should pay the past due amount because HE failed to call and put my name on the bill(and to make sure I get a bill). I feel like it would be fair (now that I am aware I need to pay sewer) to pay for the sewer bill from the day he put my name on the bill forward.

So basically I am asking what my rights are. Do I owe the $186? Am I legally required to pay the past due sewer bill?
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