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My tenants have been awful...without fail every single rent payment has been late. Last summer he was 3 months behind and that's when I hired an attorney. This month his rent check bounced... we gave him the 3 day demand for rent... he was going to try to pay again from the same account. I said absolutely not and we would only accept electronic payment (so I would know if it was declined immediately) or a postal money order with tracking number. He got the money order and sent it.

Last month (so even before the bounced check happened) we were tired of his antics and told him that we aren't renewing his lease and he needs to move out May 1. He got the notice in writing from my lawyer.

So now here we are, days away from May 1. The neighbor says there are no signs of packing. He's had nearly 45 days.

My question (for now) is... should I text him (the avenue how we usually communicate) reminding him to reread the lawyer's letter and of the May 1 move out deadline? I don't want to "harass" him... we don't text often until rent is late and we have to get on his case about it. Otherwise we generally don't communicate. 

I feel like I may be covering my butt by sending a reminder. He's great at responding in writing, lol, most of the evidence we have on our side is his communications via text message.

Should I say something along the lines of: "please remember what the letter from the lawyer said regarding your May 1 deadline" and send him a screenshot of the letter? Cause I feel like... what if he misplaced the letter? IDK if the courts would placate to his excuses and try to give him more time if he had a sob story. 

Or, would it look like harassment if I text him? Cause he's "already been told".


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I wouldn't. A neighbor not seeing anything doesn't mean they didn't bring in boxes and supplies one night and the neighbor just didn't see. He has this whole weekend to get everything out, and might be lined up to do exactly that. First thing Monday morning I am driving/stopping by and looking in the windows to see what the status is. 

You should have proof that he received the letter, and if so there is no reason to make any issue of it yet. That is more than enough evidence in court that he should have been gone.

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The neighbor and I are friends, she sent me a picture today showing that he moved his lawn mower/tractor but does not show evidence that he is actually vacating the property. So tomorrow we file in court. This is going to get interesting... and messy. He wants to buy the house, but doesn't have the means. Every rent payment this past year has been late. We want to sell the house to a qualified buyer. This is why we are simply not renewing his lease, if he can show proof of ability to purchase the house then we would go forward with house buying procedure. But he cannot, so he is supposed to be out by today.

So glad I have a lawyer involved. This has been giving me nightmares.
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