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(This pertains to a previous renting situation that I'm still trying to resolve)

When I first rented apartment, I signed a lease at the landlords/manager's office. 
Each year, around the same time of the year, I got together with either one of the landlords or the manager (depending on which person was available), and a signed a new lease.  It was basically a formality, as there were no changes in the lease from year to year. 

When they sold the buildings, I learned of it by way of a note on my front door;  it said nothing would change, except to direct future rent payments and communications to '- - ' Management.

Not long after, it came the time of the year that I renewed leases, so I contacted the new manager and asked when/where I was supposed to do this.  He replied by saying the person in charge was out of the office, and he'd get back to me the next week when the person returned. 
He didn't, and I heard no more about it. 

He continued to remain in charge for around 9 months, after which a different management company came into the picture. 

My question:  since the second manager never gave me a lease, would it be accurate to figure that during that time I was still under the last lease that I did sign? 

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You are a month to month tenant under the same terms as the last lease you signed.

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depends on your lease or the state you live in.  In Wisconsin it becomes a month to month. all other conditions apply
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