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i denied this tenant to rent for horrible credit issues. So i have to give back the tenant's information Application, Credit Reports, Paystubs, Tax returns etc. But i wont meet him in person for my safety(he is a little crazy). So i dropped the paper work off at his current residence and gave it to his roommate, in which i gave a receipt and kept a copy for myself. His roommate said he will hand it over when the my applicant gets home.

Now, being that the roommate received the paper work and signed for it, can i be liable if something happens to all the documents? Lost, Theft, or worse Identity Theft?

Both roommates are in a terrible feud that i was not aware of.

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I'm not sure if you could be liable. I would hope not since it is his legal residence. Theoretically, a roommate could have access to it anyway even if you handed it directly to the applicant (who could then set it down in his residence where the roommate could get to it and steal his identity).

Why did you have to give it back? Aren't you supposed to keep it for your records? You shouldn't have accepted originals, so there should be nothing that the applicant actually needs back. 

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Exactly!  Nothing should have gone back to the applicant except the adverse credit letter.  The site you print the credit report from should have the letter saying that they were denied for poor credit and telling them they have a right to a free credit report to see and fix any false issues on it.
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