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My tenant was stealling electricty. Because of my tenant's actions the electric company has disconnected the powerline to the townhouse I own and the adjacent townhouse (I don't own). Repairs must be made to the both electric boxes, due to the tampering performed by tenant. The electric company will not reconnect the electricty until the repairs have been made and an inspection has taken place by the company. The family living in the adjacent townhome is now without electricity. Am I liable for the damage, caused by my tenant, to the adjacent townhouse? Can I be sued for my tenants actions on someone elses property? Someone help me please?


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Anyone can sue anyone else nowadays.     But if you had no knowledge of his actions, could not have reasonably known what he was doing, nor condoned or allowed it, I find it hard to believe that a court would find you liable.  How were you to know that he had tampered with the meter?  You certainly wouldn't have permitted it and would have evicted the tenant if you had known.  (I assume you sent this tenant with his walking papers as soon as you found out.  If not, do so immediately.  He could have burned your house down!)

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