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After meeting a girl on craigslist and signing a lease, I moved into a new apartment. On the first night, her boyfriend who is not legally on the lease but is "living there off and on" had a violent episode where he broke down our door and was arrested by the police. In the middle of the night, the police brought him back to our apartment where he continued to argue violently with my roommate all night. I moved out the next day out of fear for my own safety, as well as my roommates. The leasing office is being very unreasonable and I was hoping to find out if there is a legal way to break this lease. I know I signed a contract saying I was responsible for paying the rent, but it seems ridiculous that the contract isn't void when there is a major safety concern. Any responses are appreciated.


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my take.
what did the leasing agent do wrong, do not think you have a case against them.
you may have a case against your roommate, if you have damages.
you do have a case against the boyfriend.
don't get me wrong, I would move too.
good luck
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