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I love LandlordMax.  It's inexpensive, easy to use, and gets it done for us.  We don't use the cloud-based version, and never will.

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Happy to hear you found a solution that works great for you but I am curious - why will you never consider the cloud based version?
__________________ - Simple property management software built for Canadian landlords.

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Hey everyone, I'm actually doing some research on tenant screening. I have a short 2-3 minute survey (10 Multiple Choice Questions) if you could do me a favor and complete it, it would really help me out. No information is needed just the answers.

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Don't Spam! 

If you want people to take a quiz, post a new topic. 

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We would never use a cloud-based version of rental software because:

- What if you lose your internet connection?
- Someone else has control of your data.
- What if they go out of business?
- What if they are hacked?



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Educating Landlords LLC is here to help the everyday landlord improve their knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a successful landlord. Educating Landlords Property Manager (ELPM) is a new software program that helps ease the daily strain of the landlord. 


ELPM provides convenience for the everyday landlord. Every day we use our computers to send and receive information whether it's emails from potential tenants, invoices from repairs, or just checking to ensure the tenant paid their rental payment on time. We have moved away from the old system of everything needing to be placed on paper and shoved into a filing cabinet.

ELPM allows you the landlord, to track and keep in one simple place all the information related to your property business. You have the option to use an Address Book to keep track of all pertinent contact information such as plumbers, landscapers, and more. You can create and print checks along with statements (if need). You can create a property record and input information about any maintenance or repairs made to the property during your ownership, as well as maintain information about any appliances for the property.

After entering the details about your property, you can then begin to add information about your tenancies as they relate to the rental property.  ELPM provides you with a Tenant Rental Application that you can use to obtain the important information regarding your Tenant(s). Along with allowing you to customize your Rental Lease Agreement to fit within your state laws. Should the need arise to send your tenant any notification whether it be for an upcoming maintenance to the property or demanding past due rent ELPM also provides areas to customize those notifications as well as track their departure from your office and to their inevitable reception by the tenant. The Task section allows you to set a reminder for a certain task on any property, once that date has arrived ELPM will automatically remind you that it is due to be resolved. You may also track telephone conversations with the Call Log, located on the Task Node. Tracking this information can be useful to you in future court proceedings by either helping to prove communication with the Tenant or disprove their claims by showing a lack thereof.  

There is an Accounting section in ELPM that you can use to track income and expense during the tenancy. The Rental Calculations node takes the information you entered on the Lease node such as start and end date of the tenancy, rental period, due date, the amount due, late fee and return check fee information and auto-calculates when to access fees based on the data entered. Once a rental payment is entered into the Rental Calculations table you will be asked if you would like to add that entry to the Accounting table, to save you from having to enter it again.

Being in the rental business there will eventually come a time when you will have to evict a tenant who has either not paid their rent or broken some provision of the Rental Lease Agreement they signed. ELPM has a section dedicated to tracking the eviction process, along with customizable documents already provide to you with the purchase of our software.

After going through the eviction processing and winning your case you may be awarded damages, either for rent owed or for psychical damage done by the now former tenants. Our information booklets available for purchase give detail information on how to purse the now termed judgment debtors and get your money owed based in accordance with your specific state laws.

ELPM has a judgment enforcement section that will keep track of the money and interest you are owed for the judgment you were awarded. The judgment accounting table work just like the accounting and rental calculations only it correlates with the judgment node. When a payment is entered it subtracts that amount received from the overall total remaining due, or if an expense is entered such as a court fee then you have the option to add that fee to the overall total due, you must follow the laws for adding expenses to judgments per your state statutes.

ELPM takes everything a landlord could possibly need and incorporates it into one easy to use software system. You can print weekly, monthly, or yearly reports on numerous pieces of data inside ELPM including maintenance logs, accounting, call logs and more.  

To test this amazing program for free today visit


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My company has been working on a new rental-management software actually. It's very affordable (only about $5-10 per unit / month) and is under active development. It's aimed at smaller - mid-tier landlords (1-20 units total) but could easily scale up to anyone.

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