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Agilelandlord is useful to me for my 3 units.

It records property/tenant/lease/security deposits. You enter and track income and expenses by schedule E categories. It helps analyze cash flow by date range, by tax category, and by property.

Simply google agilelandlord and download free try for 30 days. It's only $19 if you decide to buy.

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For $20, a 30 day trial, and a limit of 10 properties on a desktop software - I don't think that's a very good deal.

Simplify'em is FREE, has no time limit, and has no limit on the number of properties you can enter - and it's web-based, and generates better cash flow and tax reports. Much better even while its free...


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I am CPA and have found that QB Pro is one of the best products to use for real estate management.  You just need to set it up by class for each property and the tenants as customers.  All rents and expenses are coded to the class.  Rents are set up as automatic recurring invoices when rents are due.  Rents are set up as items.  QB is not a cheap piece of software but is high quality answer to organizing accounting real estate management.  Some of you out there have decided to use spreadsheets as an answer, but would not recommend this as there is not any check and balance to incorrect or missing transactions to the general ledger.


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Hi all

Hoping that this will be of interest.  My firm specialises in building easy to use, robust Excel models.  I recently built a model for a landlord to enable him to track all expenses, mortgage details, income, utilities/contacts for each of the properties in his portfolio, producing summaries by property, by portfolio, by month, annually etc...

Inputting is driven by drop down boxes and is highly intuitive.  (Attachment shows a couple of screen shots).  I would be happy to build a roughed up prototype to your requirements under no obligation.  Our rates are very competitive and we always provide on going support.


Jake 07815 933517

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pdf Landlord_property_portfolio.pdf (93.35 KB, 196 views)


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Hi all,

I'm new to the board and been reading through all the posts- some great stories! There is a certainly wealth of knowledge on here.

I also wanted to let you know about our company and it's on-line software product offerings- Please check out: - Complete rent management for the landlord/tenant - Check area valuations, and pricing geographically

We are looking for new landlords to take the free trial and give us as much feedback as possible. Tell us what you like and don't like so we can make this the best product possible to fit your needs. Since our inception on 2003 the response has been excellent, and we are now offering it nationally.

We offer an on-line interface for you and your tenants, maintenace request, live customer support, on-line automated rent collection, advertising, references and more all for a low monthly fee!

I am looking forward to hear any and all input you may have as you are the ones we created this for.

Feel free to email me with any comments, questions, or suggestions- or if you want to get behind the wheel for a test drive let's do it!

Best regards and Happy New year to all!



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I have tried both the last version and the latest version of Quicken Rental Property Manager.  I am not impressed as I thought I would have been.  My current favorite is Rentec Direct's property management software.  The free version has everything necessary for most landlords to manage A-Z their homes or apartments.  Also, it's super easy to get setup with their built in tenant screening which is pretty much a vital necessity these days when prospecting new tenants.

In closing, there's a lot of good software packages out there.  I have a vested interest in Rentec as I am one of the developers so I would love to see it succeed, and seeing how many people use it successfully today I think it's a stellar application.


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We use Landlord Enterprise, which has all of the tenant, unit, and lease management functions most of the other programs have, but it also lets us create and use or own forms and lease language, etc. - the tenant data is pre-filled right in there.

The customer service is a little slow sometimes but they release updates and improvements, and new features all the time.

I tried using the Promas software but it was very clunky.


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Just wanted to share FollowMyLease ( with everyone. This great web based landlord tool has made a huge difference for myself and tenants.  Tenants report to me each month without me having to call or constantly inspect the property.

It is not rental management software, but supplemental to your software. Its a fabulous way for landlords to stay informed about their rental unit without invading a tenant's privacy. Since using FollowMyLease, my tenants pay rent on-time, notify me of maintenance requests on-time, take better care of the yard, and A/C calls are way down because tenants are replacing air filters on a monthly basis.

" is a web based landlord solution enabling landlords to increase profitability in less time through automated monthly tenant questionnaires. Landlords and tenants mutually benefit through the tenant responses in the monthly questionnaire regarding rent, outstanding invoices, property condition, repairs, and required basic maintenance." - from


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Keeping track of your rental income and expenses doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming when you use the right software. If you are trying to do this with pencil and paper or a spreadsheet you may think you are saving money, but the extra time and potential for errors makes this questionable. 

There are many types of software available. You can pay a monthly fee for online software or buy one that dos not require an Internet connection for a one time charge. Some companies even give you updates and customer support for no extra charge.

By using rental property management software you will be able to produce receipts and notices with just a few clicks of your mouse and to record all your expenses - categorized and ready to give to your accountant - easily and effortlessly. 

Beware of using Quickbooks or other traditional accounting software which is designed for accountants and does not have the property management features you need. Features to look for are rent receipts, tenant notices, leases, income and expense reports, work orders, schedules, contact management and form letters

In my (not so humble) opinion, SpiritWorks Software offers the best rental management software for anyone who does not need multiple user capability. This free trial desktop software for Mac and Windows has all the features you need (plus some that are unique to our software) for a very reasonable price. Great technical support and updates are provided for no additional charge. Please call or write for more information about our "accounting software for the rest of us".

Garth Catterall-Heart
SpiritWorks Software Inc.
(888) 529-5152

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AAOA offers Landlord Software for making it easy for you to quickly enter rents and post expenses with full ledger accounting. Get property management software and tools for Landlords.Find out more at landlord software

Tenant screening | Tenant Agreement

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Hi everyone. I'm also quite new in the real estate industry, so I'm really not sure what software to use for keeping track of expenses, rents and other financial aspects related to housing units. What is the best software that you would recommend?

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I just started a free trial at a site I found online. The interface is pretty simple, but it does a lot of cool things and is affordable.

The file upload feature has been coming in handy too.

I will let you know how it goes. The site is


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Try out, it's a new property management web site for landlords that is currently in beta. For this reason, you get 2 months free right now, after that it'd only be $5/month if you have 1-2 properties.

It's simple and intuitive to use, which is more than I can say for other software I've used such as Quicken Rental Property Manager and LandlordMAX. 

Some of the features:
- Manage your properties, tenants, lease agreements, and rental finances.
- Generate alerts when tenants are late on rent, when a tenant's lease is ending, etc...
- Run reports on things like net operating income, cash on cash invested, etc...
- Document sharing (lease agreements, eviction notices)
- Prospective tenant history search

Pretty cool so far, check it out.

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The Rent Rite Directory offers a free Rental History database to Property Managers and Owners that allows members to input as well as search evictions (before they hit public record), tenants who skip out on rent/collections, proxy renters (those who rent on behalf of unauthorized tenants ie: drug dealers, sex offenders, convicted felons), those who commit lease violations, property damage, and on-property crime. Please help share information with other Real Estate Professionals. 

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Integrated Property Management System is a software specifically design for the Property Management Company to manage their property either Office Building, Apartment (subsidized / commercial) and Shopping Mall. This software covers all areas within the company area, starting from consumer data collection  tenant / owner, recording utility consumption (electricity, water & gas), billing and collection for each consumer and automatically creating financial reports of each accounting period.

For more information please check our product

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