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Smart Housing is a free cloud-based Property Management Software solution.  Renters can pay rent online; Landlords can run tenant screening.

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I own a software development company and we have developed on online rent collection platform for property management companies.  
We provide:
-no up-front cost
-no monthly fees
-web based so you can use it anytime anywhere on any device.
-complimentary website once you use the website. Visit site->
-Free marketing based on what is processed through the system.  
If you would like to learn more about what software that we have you may visit
Michael Fortier

Michael Fortier | Owner The Rental Pay, Inc
Website: The Rental Pay, Inc
Phone: 855.502.RENT(7368)

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Hello All,
Is such type software really work without maintenance?
I don't think there is no need to maintain such software.

Simply Residential Property Management

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I'd never use an online product for rental management.

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Hi DenverGuy,

Out of interest, why wouldnt you use an online product for rental management? We have recently released a fully native iphone/ipad app ( which helps landlords manage their property and have had great success with many estate agents as well as private landlords sign up.

Simple iPad property management app

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We've been using a desktop based rental property management software application from Dectia.  Have also used web based software in the past, but find our current application much easier to use.

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Propertybuddy, there are a lot of reasons who we would never use an online product.

1.  What if their site goes down?
2.  What if someone hacks their site and steals your data?
3.  What will the company be doing with your data?
4. What if the company goes out of business?
5. What if your internet goes down?
6. What if you can't get to your data for some other reason?
7. What if you won't want to constantly pay them for access to their software and your data?

It works for many people.  But for us, there are way too many things that can go wrong.

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Reply with quote  #53 offers a free web-based software for landlords and property managers. Users can post properties on the Zillow Rental Network, screen tenants, inspect properties, process rent payments, etc.
Free property management software.

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Give Rentberry a try. It covers all aspects of the rental application process and very easy in use. Platform is free to landlords and residential property manager. 


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I thought this might be helpful to you. You might consider try using this kind of software as. I been using this free move in/out stroll through inspection tool

It does consoles proprietor that the property is being kept up of course by property administration organization.

Spares proprietor time in not visiting property.Capacity to visit property if landowner is locally occupied.

Make visual documentation of property condition some time before you move in, during and after move out. This would make solid evidence in question somewhere around inhabitants and landowners with respect to property harm.

Decreases the probability of harms being missed

picture can be given to various parties,eg. tenant(s), landlord, real estate brokers or exchanges individuals.

This tool helps me a considerable measure to abstain from confronting future issues particularly in security deposit related issues. Hope this might be helpful to you as well.

Best Luck [smile]

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If you are looking for affordable property management software you are looking for Rentpost. After weeks of looking I discovered that they had the most reasonable prices for the features that you receive. Rentpost is the best value that I have found.
richard benjamin 
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