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hey guy,

i cant seem to find a definite answer to my questions and i was wondering if anyone here could help me out. I have a tenant for 10+ years renting my only condo and i now decided to to sell this unit. She is on a month to month lease for the last 5 years and i gave her a 60 days notice to vacate January 6th 2018. She did find another unit which is in the same building (3 units down that hall) and is moving December 15th 2017. She just hit me up this morning telling me i have to pay her up to 20K in relocation fees, because this building is under Rent Control. She is not elderly, not disabled, and has a daughter under 18 years old. 

Would anyone know what the rules are on this Relocation Fee? I cant see that i have to pay her any money since im not evicting her or moving back in myself. And if i have to pay, what the HELL???? I have to pay someone to move out every time i need to take my own property back? Ill go bankrupt!!!!

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I came across this article.  See the tables at the bottom.  I can see where a landlord could owe up to $20,050 but there are several stipulations. I'm guessing someone tipped her off and she is just citing the highest number there.

  • Do you know if the property is covered by the LA Rent Stabilization Ordinance?
  • How many units do you own in LA?
  • When was the unit built?
  • How much income does your tenant make?
Note that I don't see any stipulation that would trigger this fee based on simply selling the unit but I could be misreading the article.

I would call the LA county office that can tell you more about the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. They probably have a line set up for tenants but I'm sure they could help you. Good luck!

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This is unbelievably insane, but i called the Housing Authority of Los Angeles and i do in fact have to pay out a Relocation Fee of $20,050. WTF!!!!! So if anyone has a rental that is Rent controlled and you want to sell....YOU ARE SCREWED!!! You have to wait until the tenant leaves on their own. 

So, i sent my tenant a notice to rescind the 60 DAYS NOTICE TO VACATE (which i can legaly do), now she is threatening to sue me for the Relocation Fees that she thinks she deserves. Saying, she has found another place to rent and she wants the money!!!


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Lawyer time.

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You rescinded the notice.  Unless she has already signed a lease for the other place, she should be able to just pass on that other rental.  She's still a month away from moving.  Since you are not requiring her to move, I wouldn't think you would owe moving fees.  But as VA LL said, you'd better check with an attorney.  Rent controlled units have a lot of regulations attached.  That's why I'd never have a rental in rent control or in an HOA.
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