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I manage a few properties for my sister who lives out of state.  One of the properties is located in Los Angeles and is under rent control.
The lease agreement lists two occupants but one of the occupants recently got married and wants to add his wife to the rental agreement/lease when it expires in April, but as of right now the wife is living at the unit without permission.
I know we can raise the rent by 10% for each additional occupant that exceeds the number of tenants allowed in the rental agreement and can increase the security deposit by the same percentage (and I know about the subsequent reduction upon vacating.)
My questions are:
Can the rent be raised retroactively to the date we found out about the wife living there?
2.) Or does this require a 30-day notice?
3.) If we can raise it retroactively do we just send them a "change in rental terms" form (siting unapproved occupant)?

My sister doesn't want to cut them any slack because they haven't been good tenants: They don't keep the property clean (but it's not filthy) and she's replaced the carpet twice in the last 10 years.  I saw the interior of the property a few months ago and I told her that the carpet looked to be about 15 years old and that's when she told me it was only 5 years old.  (BTW: The tenant told me that it was really old but my sister has the invoice showing only 5 years old ... so ... he's lying.)  They also broke a window and refused to pay to fix it so it's had plastic over it to keep the cold out for lord know how long (we're replacing all of the windows in the next few weeks.)
They also don't respond to any letters or notifications I send to them.
Any help on this is appreciated.
Thank you,


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Check with attorney Dennis Block at

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I called the L. A. Housing Community and found out that, "Yes (we) can give them a 10% increase in rent but it can not be retroactive.  It take effect 30 days after I send the notice to tenant." 
I'm going to send it certified, of course.
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