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I received a call last night at 10:30 from a tenant who lost her keys and needed to get in. Was I wrong in telling her that I would not go out that late to let her in? I live 30 minutes away and thought that it was unreasonable. I shut my phone and went to sleep at 11:00 pm.

In the morning, I found:
1. A TXT sent at 11:40 from her ex-husband saying that he was willing to drive to my house to pick up the keys.
2. A rambling voice message from the tenant where she complains that I didn't come over there and now she's giving notice that she's moving....

I'm curious what other landlords would do in this situation.

BTW, I responded to both at 6:30 a.m with a simple TXT "I just received your message". Neither has called, they must be sleeping!

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I have a clause in my leases that if the tenant gets locked out, they can pay for a locksmith to let them in at their own expense.  (Not the exact wording, but you get the gist.)  I live within 10 minutes of my local rental properties, so unless I was already in bed, I would have let them in and charged them for a copy of the key.  If someone was willing to come by and pick up a key I would have also charged for a key.

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I heard from my tenant later the next day acting as if nothing happened and politely asking if I can replace the key "whenever I have a chance".  Apparently she was very "freaked-out" by being locked out.  Hence, the rambling message informing me that she was moving ASAP.  Apparently she was able to get into her room "somehow" and all she needs is a key.  I'm on my way to see if there was any damage caused by "somehow". 

Charmed, thanks for the good advice. I've already revised my agreements for the next tenant.


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I don't usually drive to let tenants in late at night.  I will leave a key for them in the mailbox so they can drive to my place & obtain a key without further disturbing me.  They get charged for the key.  If I have to drive to them to unlock a door, there is a $50 charge in my lease for the lockout.

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There was a lot of communication on the Internet today . just wait until all the things start talking.


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The thing is Locksmiths often have to reprogramme not only your lock but also other locks in the apartment building. The cost of replacement should be in your contract.
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